5 rainbow hair ideas to show off at Pride (and beyond)

Rainbow hair ideas to show your pride.

With Pride practically around the corner, we thought we’d celebrate by showcasing our favourite rainbow hair colours. Get inspired with our brightest and happiness hair inspiration – and don’t forget to save your favourites.

1. Rainbow roots

woman with wavy brown hair and rainbow roots
Taste the rainbow (roots)! Credit: Instagram.com/manes_n_mugs

Rainbow roots are a great way to get playful with your regrowth or to add a touch of colour to your hair without having to do your whole head. Credit: @manes_n_mugs

2. Rainbow buzz cuts

Two men back to back with tattoos and rainbow hair
Rainbow buzzcuts are a great way to bring your hair colour to life. Credit: Instagram.com/janine_kerr_hair

We like to think of these rainbow buzzcuts are works of art. Bright hair colours are worked with shaved styles and patterns to create a cool, 3D effect. Credit: @janine_kerr_hair

3. Rainbow Glitter

rainbow hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - glitter rainbow braid long hair
Glitter rainbow hair trend. Instagram.com/nikkilee901

Want to add a touch of sparkle with your hair? Rainbow glitter hair creates a rainbow effect by painting different coloured glitters on the hair. All you need is a paintbrush, glitter and lots of gel. Credit: @nikkilee901

4. Neon rainbow hair dye

Neon rainbow hair - long bob length wavy rainbow colour hair side view
Light up the world with this electric neon style. Credit: Instagram.com/cozmic.color

Neon rainbow hair works pretty rainbow hues in light neon tones. This cool trend is perfect for those that want to work rainbow colours in an even more dazzling way. Credit: @cozmic.color

5. Rainbow chalks

woman with light brown hair and rainbow colours added throughout her lengths
It’s like colouring in for your hair! Credit: Instagram.com/studiodiy

Rainbow chalks are a way to temporary add colour to your hair and the best part is that they require no commitment! Credit: @studiodiy


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