This peacock hair colour trend is going viral!

Bird-inspired hair colour? It's a thing now.

First there was watermelon hair, then there was mermaid hair, and now there’s peacock hair – we know, when will the madness end?! If you don’t already know, the latest hair colour trend taking the Instagram world by storm involves transforming your mane into an array of colours that are typically found on a peacock’s feathers – because, well, why not?

And although it all sounds rather wild (pun totally intended), this hair colour trend does actually look rather pretty! If you’re as intrigued by this bird-inspired hair craze as we are, have a scroll through the gallery above and read below to learn all about it.

The peacock hair colour trend taking over Instagram


Peacock hair trend instagram
Peacock hair. Credit:

The peacock hair colour trend involves dyeing your hair the opulent colours of a peacock’s feathers (think majestic electric blue, emerald green and purple!). While they may seem like an odd selection of colours to mix together, they actually work to complement each other perfectly. Nature’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

For added impact, try wearing your hair in waves or curls to give the colour extra depth. Credit: @haileymahonehair

Peacock hair colour trend instagram
Peacock hair. Credit:

Not only is this hair colour trend to die for, but it also looks stunning when styled into braids. Why? Because each and every coloured strand will be visible in a pretty plait! Credit: @hairbytara_c

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Peacock hair colour viral trend
Peacock hair. Credit:

If you’re not a fan of highlights, you’ll be pleased to hear you can also rock ombre peacock hair! Opt for a dark blue shade, which gradually transforms into light blue and then green! Credit: @shellfishdeath

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Peacock hair colour bob haircut
Peacock hair. Credit:

This unique hair colour trend may be borrowed from a bird with long feathers, but it also works a treat on short hair, too. If you’re rocking a graduated bob or long pixie cut, opt for a more subtle take on the trend by mixing shades of dark blue and turquoise together for a sleek and sophisticated look. Credit: @karensowershair

Peacock hair blue green purple
Peacock hair. Credit:

For a more laid-back, casual vibe, why not rock the peacock hair trend with pastel hues? This way, your hair colour won’t be too in-your-face and can be worked into a greater variety of looks.

Don’t forget to opt for colours like baby blue, lilac and mint green to replicate a peacock’s feathers! Credit: @paulabiek

Peacock hair colour braided hair
Peacock hair. Credit:

Like we mentioned earlier, braids and peacock hair go hand-in-hand. Whether thick or thin, even the simplest of plaits make for a very boho chic feel. And with a vast number of braided styles out there, the peacock possibilities are almost endless!

Try braiding a few different braids throughout your mane for a look that’s got tonnes of dimension and depth. Credit: @hair.byjennywestcoast

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