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Ombre hair colours: Our 5 favourite shades

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Fall in love with these 5 stunning looks. 


Are you looking to reinvent your style as part of your New-Year-New-You regime? Well, what better time than try out some ombre hair colours in your mane? From rainbow hues to more subtle pastel shades, ombre hues can refresh any hairstyle by adding extra depth and definition, not to mention a touch of playfulness.

But don’t worry if you’re the indecisive sort, because the All Things Hair team is here to help guide you through the process. Ahead, we’ve gathered our favourite ombre hair looks, that’ll make the deciding process a little easier. So, want to shake up your mane for 2017? Then read on to discover 5 shades that’ll turn more than a few heads!

5 Super trendy ombre hair colours you should try


Dark caramel omber hair colours
Ombre hair colours: Dark caramel. Credit:

Dark caramel ombre

Working naturally dark brunette tresses with golden caramel tones, this look is the perfect choice if you want to dip your toes into the trend without taking it to extremes! If your hair is already quite dark, ask your stylist to create a subtle transition, by simply working in a lighter shade of warm blonde at the ends of your hair. The advantage? This ombre hair colour will work on both short and long hair, so everyone can enjoy it! Credit: @hairstylist_sarah

girl with blue teal green mermaid ombre hair colours
Ombre hair colours: Mermaid hair. Credit:

Mermaid ombre

This head-turning, mermaid-inspired style looks stunning, and is definitely one of the hottest ombre hair colours around. To create this look starting with your natural shade, try working in a soft hint of teal at the ends of your tresses. Or, for a more high-impact effect, go for blue-green hair from root to tip, for a brilliantly vibrant contrast. Credit: @sophiehannahrichardson

red ombre hair with a braid
Ombre hair colours: Copper tones. Credit:

Bright copper ombre

Ombre hair isn’t just reserved for women with naturally light hair, don’t you know? Because it can also look utterly stunning on darker locks, too. This copper ombre takes your hair colour from a dark brunette to a gorgeous, bright copper shade, for a really flattering look – especially if your tresses already have a natural hint of red when in the sun. Credit: @otiumthereselindgren.

purple blue ombre on long blonde hair
Ombre hair colours: High contrast. Credit:

Bold contrast ombre

While many ombre looks are all about creating a subtle and gradual colour transition, there’s no reason why you can’t go for a more edgy and highly contrasted one instead! For a really eye-catching look, try bold contrasts, from a deep brown to a brighter blonde. It will make your mane look incredible, especially if you have textured, curly or braided hair, as it will allow you to brilliantly show off the colour contrasts in your ombre. Credit: @sophiehannahrichardson.

Subtle blonde ombre tones in long blonde hair
Ombre hair colours: Subtle tones. Credit:

Subtle ombre

Subtle ombre hair colours (AKA sombre) can help you get an effortless, natural look, without losing any of the stunning qualities of the style. Although a subtle ombre with light shades might not be as bold or high-impact, it will create an uber flattering look, that will leave your mane looking exotically sun-kissed! Credit: @balayageartists.

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11 January 2017