Pastel hair colours: 13 mesmerizing looks to convince you to try the shade

These pastel hair colours are almost too pretty to handle!  

If is isn’t obvious to you already, we at All Things Hair are pretty obsessed with pastel hair colours. Day after day we swoon over gorgeous images of pastel hues and, well, we just can’t get enough of them!

Pastel shades have always been somewhat popular, however, recently we have seen more and more people jumping on board the fun and quirky trend. Especially good for summer, pastel hair colours are the only look you’ll need to rock for the whole year.

13 pretty pastel hair colours to inspire your next look


Pastel hair colours - Longhair with pink cotton candy hue
This pastel hair colour is almost good enough to eat. Credit:

1. Cotton candy

Cotton candy pink is super pretty and perfect for ladies with naturally light hair. This hair hue has been spotted both at Milan Fashion Week for the No.21 catwalk show and on hair chameleon Rita Ora, so you know it’s a style worth trying! Credit: @lorietherrien

Pastel hair colours - long rose gold wavy hair
This hairstyle is as good as gold. Credit:

2. Golden pink

This golden pink hue is as rich as it is gorgeous. Keeping the roots vibrant, this Instagrammer has then opted for an icy-ends finish, with the tones seamlessly melting together. Pretty cool, right?! Credit: @lorietherrien

Pastel hair colours - rose gold wavy long hair
Rose gold is is one of Instagram’s favourite pastel hues. Credit:

3. Rose gold

Anything rose gold has pretty much been trending over the last year (makeup, home accessories and even our iPhones have been given a precious-pink update), so of course we had to include a rose gold hue.

This pastel hair colour is perfect for light and dark tresses alike, and even with a little root regrowth, the hue will still be looking on-point! Credit: @hairby.robynp


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Pastel hair colours - long poker straight pink pastel hair
Hair envy alert! Credit:

4. Pink dreams

We know what you’re thinking: how can I get hair like that?! And we don’t blame you for gawking, because this vibrant pastel hair colour looks super healthy and full of shine.

If you are thinking of switching up your mane for a pink hue, you’ll be in good company, as Pixie Lott and Ashley Benson are also huge fans of the colour. Credit: @notanothersalon

Pastel hair colours - peach straight bob
When life gives you peaches, make peach hair. Credit:

5. Peach pastel

Pastel hues have been blowing up all over Instagram, with the colourful trend being pioneered by mega-stars like Lady Gaga. Looks like this Instagrammer is channelling her inner Mother Monster – and killing it! Credit: @jasmine_hair

Pastel hair colours - blorange hair on curly afro
Blorange hair has been going viral. Credit:

6. Blorange

Can’t quite decide between blonde or orange? Guess what? You can now have both and be totally on trend. Yes, really, because blorange is officially a thing and we’re totally obsessed – just look at how stunning it is on curly manes! Credit: @nyane

Pastel hair colours - blue green mint mid length straight hair
Need a mint anyone? Credit:

7. Minty fresh

Who wouldn’t love a hair colour as cool as this? This pale hue is absolutely perfect for festival season, and will ensure all eyes are on you and your fabulous minty mane. Credit: @bleachlondon

Pastel hair colours - blue pastel hair in low updo style
We have dubbed this pastel hair colour the periwinkle. Credit:

8. Periwinkle blue

Mixing 2 different blue hues together offers an array of outcomes – and this Instagrammer has clearly got it right with this periwinkle blue look. Light and airy, this pastel hue is a great alternative to our other love, denim hairCredit: @hairdresseronfire78

Pastel hair colours - unicorn blue mid length straight hair
Unicorn blue will brighten up anyday. Credit:

9. Unicorn blue

Yep, we’re feeling blue – but in the best way possible! With hints of blue and purple peeking through, we can’t get enough of this unicorn blue shade (which wouldn’t go amiss with a unicorn braid to boot). Credit: @kaleidochics


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Pastel hair colours - straight lavender hair
Will you make this lavender hue your next shade? Credit:

10. Lavender hue

Kudos to this Instagrammer for matching her nails to her hair colour. This lavender hue is sure to be a huge hit, so get ahead of the pack by making this your next look. Credit: @bleachlondon

Pastel hair colours - purple pastel straight long bob
Pastel hair colours don’t get much prettier than this purple hue. Credit:

11. Purple rain

When your lob hairstyle needs an update, what do you do? Make it rain with a purple pastel hue, of course. Perfect for both naturally light and dark hair colours, this purple pastel hue will even see you through to winter. Credit: @jessica_dueck

Pastel hair colours - lilac mid length hair with waves
What lilac dreams are made of. Credit:

12. Lilac envy

Need something just as pretty as pink hair, but something that’s a little more unique? Then this lilac colour will be right up your hair street. Credit: @lorietherrien

Pastel hair colours - mirage of pastel hair colours in half,up braid wavy style
This hue is our idea of a pastel fantasy. Credit:

13. Pastel fantasy

Can’t quite decide which hue is for you? Then why not mix them all together for one unique pastel fantasy? Bold and beautiful in equal measure, this combo look will be the talking point of all who gaze upon it! Credit: @sleekhair


Now, while we bet these gorgeous pastel hair colours have got you itching for the salon chair, we think you can never have too much style inspiration! Which is why you need to get yourself over to our Hair Colours page ASAP, so you can find the shade of your dreams.

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