3 Ways to rock mermaid hair this summer

All Things Hair | 02 July 2016

Question is: what kind of mermaid do you want to be? 

As far as hair colour trends are concerned, we’re sure you’ve noticed that this year, it’s all about embracing your inner aquatic goddess and sporting mermaid-inspired colourways that capture the magic of one of popular culture’s most mystical figures. Yes, this summer, mermaid hair is all anyone‘s talking about.

Want to get the look but not sure what kind of mermaid you want to be? Well, if there was one place you should be heading to first, it would, of course, be Instagram. But seeing as there are over 80,000 photos (at last count!) tagged with #mermaidhair, we thought we’d do all the hard work for you by curating it down to just 3 of the coolest ways to channel your inner mermaid this summer. You’re welcome!

Mermaid hair: 3 Ways to rock the look


mermaid rainbow hair
Rainbow mermaid hair. Credit: Instagram.com/amythemermaidx

Rainbow mermaid

One of the main advantages of the mermaid hair trend is that literally nothing is off limits. Having morphed into a full-on mermaid (or at least as close as you can get to actually being one!) Amy’s Instagram account is a sea of epic images showcasing her multi-coloured locks in a variety of different styles.

If your social calendar consists of endless festivals and carnivals this summer, getting yourself some rainbow mermaid hair is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. Credit: @amythemermaidx

pink pretty mermaid hair
Ariel-inspired mermaid hair. Credit: Instagram.com/mermaidens

Ariel-inspired mermaid hair

If you’ve ever seen The Little Mermaid (who hasn’t, right?), you’ll know that Ariel is one of Disney’s most iconic heroines. Distinguishable by her long, fiery flowing locks, beautiful singing voice and, of course, a desperate desire to be part of the human world, no wonder this year’s modern mermaid has been quick to draw inspiration from Ariel’s world!

Yes, there’s now a trend called “doing an Ariel” which has seen a number of fashion-conscious girls dyeing their hair a varied palette of candy pink, seaweed green and fiery red. Portland-based illustrator – and full-time mermaid – Kailey Flyte is not just one of them, she’s practically the leader of the pack! Her Instagram account is full of mystical snaps showcasing her cotton candy pink mermaid hair and we just can’t get enough of it! Credit@mermaidens

mermaid hair glitter and colour
Disco mermaid hair. Credit: Instagram.com/sourdumpling

Disco mermaid hair

Here we have a lady who clearly understands how to nail the ultimate mermaid look. Proving that she’s not afraid to take this trend to the next level, this self-confessed “Manic Panic Mermaid” brings together an eclectic mix of different styles including bold rainbow colours, Japanese Anime, and a very healthy dose of glitter!

Her Instagram account proves she’s certainly not afraid to mix things up when it comes to experimenting with a variety of mermaid-inspired looks. Showing us how to take mermaid hair from day to night, @SourDumpling’s account is awash with snaps that capture her colourful style with confidence and ease. Now that’s what we call a true mermaid diva! Credit: @sourdumpling

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