Mermaid hair: 18 mer-mazing looks and video tutorial

Question is: what kind of mermaid hair do you want to rock?

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Stephanie Toms from @itsstephtoms with glittery braided mermaid hair: tutorial in partnership with superdrug, video still

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Let’s face it: we all want mermaid hair, right? Ever since watching The Little Mermaid when we were younger, we’ve been obsessed with the mystical creatures  and not just because they live underwater! Oh no, it’s because being a mermaid means that you can rock any hair colour under the sun (or sea!), not to mention throwing bucket loads of glitter on your face, too. We know you want to

So, if you’re planning to dip into the mermaid trend, you’ll need a stunning ‘do that’ll wow all your friends. Luckily, we’ve created enlisted the help Stephanie Toms from @itsstephtoms to show you to create mermaid hair and we’ve also put together our favourite mermaid hairstyles, so you can get a seriously mer-mazing look (sorry, we had to).

Mermaid hair: 18 of your most mer-tastic looks

mermaid rainbow hair
Somewhere over the rainbow, swims this mermaid! Credit:

1. Rainbow mermaid

One of the main advantages of the mermaid hair colour trend, is that literally nothing is off limits.

Having morphed into a full-on mermaid (or at least as close as you can get to actually being one!) this Instagrammer showcases her multi-coloured locks with a set of loose, tumbling waves for the most mesmerising look ever. Credit: @amythemermaidx

pink pretty mermaid hair
Peachy-perfection… mermaid style! Credit:

2. Blush pink mermaid hair

Looking for the prettiest locks around? This pastel-pink babe shows us how to rock the loveliest locks in town. Think sherbet pinks and candy hues in brushed-through curls, and you’ll soon be ready for your Under the Sea debut. Credit@mermaidens

mermaid hair glitter and colour
The disco ball diva we wanna be! Credit:

3. Disco mermaid hair

Bringing together an eclectic mix of different rainbow colours, Japanese anime vibes, and a very healthy dose of glitter is this mermaid goddess!

This look shows us how to take mermaid hair from day to night, by working your deep, vibrant hues sleek and straight, before making your dazzling metamorphosis with heaps of glitter. Now, which way to the disco? Credit: @sourdumpling

mermaid hair
The dreamiest mermaid hair, with a little edge. Credit:

4. Dark roots and girly colours

Give your mermaid ‘do a little edge by keeping your roots dark, while the rest of your tumbling, mermaid locks transform into cascades of girly colours. We simply love the combination of light pinks and soft blues. So dreamy! Credit: @hairbymisskellyo

silver slicked back mermaid hair colour from Instagram victoriaxuk
Rock the ‘wet look’ for true mermaid vibes. Credit:

5. Wet-look mermaid hair

Wet-look hair is one of the hottest catwalk trends around right now, and you’ll be pleased to know it is also ideal for achieving mermaid hair. You could even say that mermaids were the originators of this sleek, on-trend ‘do – after all, they do live under the sea! Credit: @victoriaxuk

Editor’s tip: To recreate this look, give your mane a healthy spritz of the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray and run your fingers back through your strands, creating a slicked-back effect. For a truly magical mermaid look, accessorise your wet-look hair with a jewelled headpiece.

Woman with bold purple ombre hair from Instagram by @hair_by_danajoy
Turn heads with the bold purple ombre. Credit:

6. The purple ombre

If you have dark hair and want to let your inner mermaid shine, then why not go for a seriously bold purple ombre? Your natural hair colour will blend seamlessly with this striking hue, working from deep purple at the top, to a vibrant magenta at the tips. Credit: @hair_by_danajoy

Mermaid blue green waves: Aquatic ombre from Instagram @mirrycat
Aquatic ombre hair, we heart! Credit:

7. Seafoam green

Is there any better way to get the perfect mermaid look, than to rock the colours of the ocean in big, bouncy waves?

To really show your love for the sea, try working an ombre look in shades of blue (such as cyan and teal), before ending in a light, seafoam green. To curl your hair, use a large barrel curling tong and you’ll have hair that mimics the movement of ocean waves! Credit: @mirrycat

Vibrant peach ombre mermaid hair from Instagram by @selena_willcutyou
The Peach and ombre mermaid. Credit:

8. Vibrant peach ombre

For a dreamy mermaid hair colour combo, opt for vibrant pink teamed with peach ombre locks. As you may know, mermaids are renowned for having brightly coloured locks, so if you really want to look the part, you’ll need to switch up your hair hue for one of these vidid tones! Credit: @selena_willcutyou

Rainbow mermaid hair colour from Instagram by @masterpiecehair
A mermaid who doesn’t like waves? This gal! Credit:

9. The sleek mermaid

No one ever said mermaid hair had to have tousled waves! We’re digging the sleekness of this look as it really helps to showcase the beautiful rainbow of colours. Created by applying thin strips of colour from root to tip, this technique was practically made for poker straight strands. Credit: @materpiecehair

Wavy jewel mermaid hair colour from Instagram by @societe.beaute
The jewel at the bottom of the ocean! Loving the bright hues. Credit:

10. Bold and vibrant

This masterfully applied mermaid hair colour is truly head turning. With mystical greens, vibrant pinks and beautiful corals, this is one of the prettiest looks we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Throw in some retro waves and you’ve got yourself a winner! Credit: @societe.beaute

A woman with lilac mermaid hair colour from Instagram by @societe.beaute
Lovely lilac locks! Credit:

11. Lilac mermaid hair colour

If you’re more of a one colour kind of gal, we suggest opting for this beautiful shade of lilac for utterly lovely locks. With some beachy waves thrown in for added texture, there’s nothing we don’t adore about this look. Credit: @societe.beaute

Red 'ariel' mermaid hair colour from Instagram by @chateau_michelle
For true Ariel locks, go for bright red. Credit:

12. The Ariel

If you want to keep things classic, go for Ariel‘s very own distinct shade of red, for truly authentic mermaid tresses. We love this vivid red hue, that’s a dead ringer for the Little Mermaid‘s mane. Credit: @chateau_michelle

TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo

Editor’s tip: If you’re going to dye your hair to achieve a mermaid look, then note that you’ll need to update your hair care routine to help maintain your colour’s vibrancy. We suggest trying the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner on for size.

Purple mermaid hair colour from Instagram @societe.beaute
Sequins, textured hair & a bright lip. This one’s a winner! Credit:

13. Textured tresses

Where do we begin? From the make-up, to the sequins, the bold lip and last, but not least, the texture of theses tresses  this look is a real gem!

Banish flyaway hair and apply a liberal amount of the VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray to the edges of your hair, for the ultimate just-walked-out-of-the-sea vibe. Credit: @societe.beaute

Tri-ombre mermaid hair colour on short hair with a fringe: Instagram @bescene
The tri-colour winner Credit:

14. The mermaid bob

If you thought mermaid hair was just for those for long flowing locks, you would be wrong. Even those with shorter hair can sport the look, just try sticking to one or two colours as this will work best and give maximum impact. Try emulating the above look; the subtle mix of pink and steely, on-trend grey is pretty yet edgy. Credit: @bescene

mermaid hair colour
Vivid hues for a colour with a punch. Credit:

15. The braided mermaid

If you really want to highlight the bright colours of your mermaid hair, a simple plait will work a treat in showing off your rainbow locks. Experiment with different braids and see what colour creations you can come up with! Credit: @tegans_house_of_colour

Woman with dark mermaid hair from Instagram @vancouvhair
Dark, moody & a little seafoam perfection! Credit;

16. The dark mermaid

If you’re not that into super girly colours and you’d rather keep things on the dark side, you’ve come to the right place. Get in on the mermaid fun by opting for shades of dark blue, green, grey and, of course, your own natural shade (if you’re already dark.) Credit: @vancouvhair

Blue mermaid hair colour from Instagram @tryitchick22
The mermaid up-do! Credit:

17. The mermaid hair updo

So, Ariel has been asked to a formal occasion and she can’t possibly sport beachy waves. Fear not! This stunning updo will transform mermaid locks into romantic, fairy tale tresses. It might take a little practice, but this look is perfect for mermaids with somewhere fancy to go! Credit: @tryitchick22

Bright pink mermaid hair from Instagram @gavadiar.beautycharm
Bright pinks and purples for utter glam. Credit:

18. Vivid pink mermaid hair colour

If you’re a bright and bold type of mer-creature, forget the pastel shades and move onto bright pinks and deep purples.

Work with your stylist to see if you can combine your natural hair colour for a striking finish  just like this mega babe has done. We love the bright pink in the mid-lengths and the darker hues at the roots and tips. Credit: @gavadiar.beautycharm






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