Get your glow on with the new Lite-Brite highlighting hair trend

Light it up!

We may still only be in January, but it’s safe to say that 2017 is definitely looking like it’s set to be the year of bold and vivid hair colours. So far, we’ve already seen both denim hair and hygge-inspired shades gaining popularity on social media, and now there’s yet another hair dyeing trend breaking the internet: Lite-Brite highlighting.

The look, which is currently taking over Instagram, is created using special neon hair dyes which glow under black-lights. The dyes are available in an array of neon colours, from pinks to greens and reds, so the rainbow styling possibilities are almost endless! To get a glimpse of this mesmerising viral trend, keep scrolling…

Lite-Brite highlighting is taking over Instagram


Model with glowing neon highlights
Lite-Brite highlighting. Credit:

Dubbed ‘Lite-Brite’ highlighting after the light-up retro children’s toy, it’s not hard to see how this trend got its nickname! As you can see from the photo above, under the special black-lights, certain sections of the hair appear to glow, making this hair colour trend ideal for festivals or parties! If you’re wondering how you can get the look, the actual method is no different to how your hairdresser would usually apply balayage. In fact, the secret to the illuminating effect lies in the dye itself.  Credit: @nealmhair

Lite-Brite highlighting. Credit:

If you’re worried this highlighting hair trend is a bit too drastic for you, don’t fret, because the secret twist to this trend is that while the colours become neon under certain lighting, in natural daylight, the hair retains a much more subdued hue. Plus, you could always just ask your hairdresser to paint in a few highlights using the neon dye, for a more understated take on the trend. Credit: @nealmhair

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