Leopard print hair: The latest hair craze spotted on Instagram

Take a walk on the wild side!  

If you’re anything like us, then you’ll be constantly using Instagram to find hot new hairstyles to try. From denim hair to unicorn curls, and the latest geode manes, it has become the social platform that keeps on giving! And just when we thought we had seen it all, leopard print hair rears its colourful head.

Now, before you click off thinking that this style isn’t for you, let us say that it works for all hair types, and can be as bold or as discreet as you like! So if you haven’t spotted (see what we did there) the latest trend sweeping Instagram, just scroll down and take a look at our round up of the best leopard print hair ideas, now.

Leopard print hair:  The best looks from Instagram


Leopard print hair buzzcut style hairstyle - Instagram
Go bold or go home with this leopard print hair. Credit: instagram.com/motherofcats

Dare to bare with this buzzcut hairstyle, which comes complete with an all-over leopard print design. We suggest making your leopard print hair really stand out by contrasting the dark spots against a bleach blonde backdrop. Trust us, this will go a long way to building up the dramatics of your look! Credit: @motherofcats

Leopard print hair undercut style - Instagram
Reveal the inner animal in you with leopard print hair. Credit: instagram.com/amandacaskie

Want to show of your wild side, but want to hide it away from time to time? Then reveal your new hair design with a subtle undercut hairstyle. And, if you need your leopard print design to be discreet, it’s a good idea to choose a colour close to your natural tresses!

This style offers you the opportunity to conceal your leopard spots, simply by sweeping your mane over to the opposite side. Then when the mood strikes you, switch things back and let your inner animal come to life!  Credit: @amandacaskie

Ombre leopard print undercut bun hairstyle - Instagram
Hidden leopard print hair undercut style. Credit: instagram.com/charlottepeacock

Prefer to work your undercut at the back, instead of to the side? Then get a buzzcut from the nape of your neck upwards, add in your chosen leopard print design and rock the rest of your hair in an on-trend messy bun!

Need to conceal your edgy ‘do while at school or in the office? No problem, just let your hair down during the daytime, then when you’re out and about, tie your tresses up and reveal your wild design. Credit: @charlottepeacock

Colourful leopard print hair ponytail - Instagram
Rework the leopard print design with this colourful leopard print hair. Credit: instagram.com/fscharliesalon

Love dramatic hairstyles but want to keep your long mane? Then take inspiration from this colourful ‘do. Both pastel and mermaid hair have been colour crazes lately, so when we saw this ‘do with a leopard print design, we just had to stop and stare! Credit: @fscharliesalon

Editor’s tip: Leopard print hair is not one to try at home, so seek a professional to try any of these looks. Then once you have your desired leopard look, don’t forget to invest in a shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair, like the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner.


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