Lady Gaga's jet black hair transform: Lady Gaga with medium length blonde hair from her Instagram

Have you seen Lady Gaga’s jet black hair?

Lady Gaga's jet black hair certainly is a hit with us! Scroll down to see her dark side now! 

What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a hair transformation, eh? At least that’s what Lady Gaga has just done by revealing a new jet black hair hue on Instagram.

Ditching her statement blonde locks, the starlet has taken a walk on the dark side with her new jet black hair colour. From her vast wig collection and array of show-stopping looks, Lady Gaga is no stranger to turning heads and setting new trends.

So, when she revealed her new look in an Instagram selfie, we stopped in our tracks! Still to see Lady Gaga’s new hair transformation? Then keep scrolling…

Lady Gaga’s jet black hair


Lady Gaga's jet black hair colour on Instagram
Hair transformation alert: Lady Gaga’s jet black hair. Credit:

From dreadlocks, green hair and not forgetting the famous bow hairstyle she rocked in her Poker Face video, Lady Gaga is never short of an avant-garde hairstyle or two. Which is why when she debuted this elegant jet black hair transformation on Instagram it was even more scroll-stopping. Credit: @ladygaga

Thanking her fans for all the love and support on her birthday, Lady Gaga pouted into the camera in a glamorous selfie with her new jet black hair colour swept back in an updo.

With celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Alison Williams currently rocking lighter locks, it’s safe to say, you can always trust Lady Gaga to buck the trend and go for an alternative ‘do!

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So, what’s your opinion on Lady Gaga’s jet black hair? Do you love her new hair transformation? We’d love to hear what you thinking on Twitter! And if you’re thinking of switch up your mane, check out our Hair Colour page for more hair hue inspiration.

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