Lady Gaga - blonde bouffant smooth back hair updo

Lady Gaga debuts new peacock hair colour ahead of world tour

Mother Monster is back on top form!  

With her Joanna World Tour about to kick off (eek!), the one and only Lady Gaga marked the moment by debuting a flamboyant new hair hue. But what could the woman who has tried it all (jet black strands, platinum tones and even dreadlocks) possibly rock next? Peacock hair, of course.

Heading up the committee for most outrageous hair, Mother Monster appears to be coming back into the wild mane game after a short stint with more subtle and sophisticated styles. And let’s be honest: who better to get a wacky look off the ground than Gaga?!

Lady Gaga is setting new trends with her peacock hue


Over the weekend Lady Gaga shared this striking Instagram selfie with her fans, revealing a new peacock-inspired hair colour. As you can see, one side of Gaga’s hair is a blend of peach, orange and pink hues, while the other side is dedicated to a mixture of green, turquoise and blonde.

You may also remember that we recently reported that the American singer had ditched her platinum blonde statement locks for a fresh, peach-pastel hue. But as they say, today’s news is tomorrow’s fish wrapping, because Lady Gaga waits around for no man or woman when it comes to setting trends.

So, will peacock hair be a rising trend and perhaps an alternative to the glorious rainbow hues we’ve been spotting? Only time will tell.

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