5 Instagram accounts to follow if you’re looking for hair colouring ideas

Warning: colouring style icons ahead!

Bored of your natural hair hue? We feel you. With so many fun, vibrant hair colouring ideas to choose from, it’s no wonder we want to switch up our locks so often! But with this, comes a challenge in itself: how to decide which colours are hot, and which ones are not?

Well, we don’t know about you, but we’re always scrolling through Instagram to get inspiration for our next hair makeover – after all, it’s where the most creative and quirky ideas come from! And it just so happens, that we know of 5 super cool Instagram accounts owned by bloggers, who have brilliantly coloured hair. So, scroll down to see the style icons you should be following!

Looking for hair colouring ideas? Follow these Instagram accounts!


Hair colouring ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instagram blogger purple bob choppy
Hair colouring ideas. Credit: Instagram.com/helenanderz

British blogger Helen Anderson is renowned for her vivid, bright bob – which is currently in a purple to lilac ombre (just FYI). So, if you’re looking for a hue to take you right through to New Year’s, then this bubblegum-inspired look is the perfect shade for you, seeing as it goes with almost any coloured outfit. Don’t believe us? Just check out Helen’s edgy Instagram for proof! Credit: @helenanderz

Hair colouring ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instagram blogger rose gold orange hair wavy bob
Hair colouring ideas. Credit: Instagram.com/wonderful_u

Red hair lovers, you need to follow model Megs’ Instagram, because she’s the Queen of the copper hue. Whether she styles her choppy shag into textured waves, or even into a stunning crown braid, Megs’ striking coloured mane always grabs our attention! Credit: @wonderful_u

Hair colouring ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instagram blogger blue grey silver hair Leanne Wakjer
Hair colouring ideas. Credit: Instagram.com/leannelimwalker

Is there anyone who can pull off silver hair better than Leanne Lim Walker? Erm, we think not! This blogger mega-babe has flaunted a wealth of other hair colours in the past, but as of late, she’s been sporting this mesmerising, icy ombre hue, and we simply can’t get enough of it! Credit: @leannelimwalker

Hair colouring ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instagram blogger Zoe London DJ multi-coloured rainbow hair
Hair colouring ideas. Credit: Instagram.com/zoelondondj

Hair colour chameleon Zoe London DJ has dyed her hair purple, blue and green in the past, suggesting that she’s not scared to experiment in the mane department. And to prove it, she took things up a notch, by recently dying her hair a mixture of bright rainbow colours! Isn’t this just the perfect way to brighten a gloomy winter day? Credit: @zoelondondj

Hair colouring ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Instagram blogger blue bob hair Sophie Hannah Richardson
Hair colouring ideas. Credit: Instagram.com/sophiehannahrichardson

Makeup and hairstyle guru Sophie Hannah Richardson is always ahead of the curve when it comes to hair colouring ideas! We loved her with mint green hair, and now we can’t get enough of her bright blue mane, either! We don’t know about you, but we’ll be waiting with bated breath for her next choice of hue. Credit: @sophiehannahrichardson

Editor’s tip: If you’re considering dyeing your locks like one of these influential Instagrammers, be sure to invest in a wash and care set that has been specially formulated with coloured hair in mind. We recommend using the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner, which will help to maintain your colour vibrancy.


If these amazing social media mavens haven’t given you enough styling inspo for your mane, then you need to check out our lovely Hair Colours page! With all the latest colouring trends and inventive hue ideas, there’s sure to be a look to tickle your fancy.

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