Helen George shows off her new pastel pink hair!

Because pink is pretty!

British TV actress Helen George debuted a stunning set of pastel pink tresses at last night’s Red Women of the Year Awards. The Call The Midwife starlet stunned and shocked us all, by trading in her signature platinum blonde locks for a soft, barely-there hue. And if we’re being honest, we practically swooned at the sight of her pretty-in-pink ‘do! So, if you’re dying to see Helen’s chosen shade for yourself, scroll down and be prepared for some serious hair envy.

Helen George debuts pretty pastel pink tresses


Helen George: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Pastel pink hair Red women's award 2016
Helen George shows off her new pastel pink hair! Credit: Getty Images

In true style, Helen George revealed her new hair colour, along with a vintage-inspired dress (of course), on Instagram yesterday. But this isn’t the first time that the blonde bombshell has taken the plunge and gone for pink hair. In fact, just over a month ago, the starlet opted for hot pink hair, sharing it on Insta with the caption: ‘Pink ambition’.

Helen George: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Pastel pink hair
‘Pink ambition’. Credit: Instagram.com/helenrgeorge

We can’t help but wonder, just where has Helen’s new found obsession with the colour pink come from? Whatever her reasoning may be, she was able to swing it with grace and sophistication for the awards last night! Bravo, Helen, bravo. Credit: @helenrgeorge

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If you’re looking to find your ideal celeb-worthy pink hair hue, then check out our Hair Colours page to find out what other stars have taken the plunge! Psst, even Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards has joined the pink hair crew.

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