Grombre: The coolest Instagram hair hue trend on our feeds

Be inspired by the best 'grombre' strands around!  

In terms of hair colouring techniques, none has taken the beauty world by storm more than ombre. Having been worked with a wealth of incredible hues, ombre has become renowned as a go-to look for any hair length and style! But recently, we’ve noticed the trend take an unexpected (yet gorgeous) twist, with the inception of grey ombre hair AKA grombre.

Yep, the grombre trend has taken a turn and is now being worked with the ombre technique, giving stunning and versatile results to those braving the hue! So, are you considering testing out this trend for yourself? Great! But before you do, keep on reading and take a look at the latest #hairspiration from Instagram, below!

Grombre hair: Instagram inspiration

instagram @alliexpoo the back view of grey ombre wavy hair
Graphite grombre. Credit:


Since ombre hair is all about the transition from one shade to another, it has become an incredibly versatile technique. And this graphite inspired look, that evokes the unique stoney tones of muted metallic hues, is a perfect example of that. A dull, medium-toned grey that transitions to a lighter, more brighter shade, will give your hair a fantastic metallic-inspired finish. Credit: @alliexpoo

Editor’s tip: This style looks incredible on sleek, smooth hair, so to maximise it, apply a few pumps of the Toni&Guy High Shine Serum Drops, to enhance that polished graphite effect.

Instagram @__sxhhh with grey ombre box braids
Grombre box braids. Credit:

Grombre box braids

Now you don’t have to choose between these 2 styles, because you can give your box braids a grey twist, simply by swapping those dark brown shades for a more subtle hint of cool grey! Credit: @__sxhhh

Instagrammer @sharij1125 with grey ombre hair and blue tinted fringe
Grombre with blue tinted ends. Credit:

Blue tinted

While ombre hair is often vibrant as it is, opting to highlight the ends of your grombre locks is a great way to create extra depth and dimension. But what colours to highlight with, you ask? Well, since you’re already working with cool tones of grey, the look will be further enhanced with the addition of some subtle pastel blue hues.

The highlights still not enough for you? Well, for a seriously high-impact finish, try showing off the incredible colour with a romantic side-swept French braid, as the woven strands will make every drop of colour popCredit: @sharij1125

Editor’s tip: Tempted to try out this hair colour? Then don’t forget to change your wash and care system for one that is specifically designed for coloured tresses. We particularly love the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner, as this duo will help keep colour looking vibrant for longer.

Instagram pic from @yigityesil34: Asian woman with wavy bob and steely grey ombre hair
Steely ombre. Credit:


More intense than the metallic look, this style has a sharp tang of cold steel, which can be recreated by going for a mid-grey shade that transitions into dull, blue tones. This style works best if you have a naturally dark base, so if you want to rock this look on your lighter, blonde strands, it’s well worth asking the advice of a stylist to help you get the perfect colour. Credit: @elegans.kuafor

Instagram @guy_tang soft lilac grey ombre hair
Soft lilac. Credit:

Soft lilac and grey

Grombre doesn’t just have to be about monochrome hair, don’t you know? There are also some beautiful looks out there that incorporate a subtle hint of colour. Lilac hair might not sound all that exciting, but trust us: when worked in a subtle ombre effect, the transition of cool grey hues to understated purples makes for a much more contemporary and youthful look! See, it pays off to think outside the box. Credit: @guy_tang


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