Graffiti hair: The new colour trend taking social media by storm

Make your hair your new blank canvas!

The latest hair colour trend that’s taken Instagram by storm, graffiti hair is set to be a very popular look this summer. Drawing inspiration from street graffiti, this trend involves using stencils to spray many different colours and create pretty graffiti-inspired patterns on your tresses. With a very youthful, DIY feel, it helps produce hairstyles that are just perfect for any music festival or outdoor party, plus you can wash them off anytime you like! Fun, right?

Scroll down to find out everything you need to know about graffiti hair and how to get our favourite looks.

Summer colour hair trend: Graffiti hair


Blonde stencil hair criss cross and stripes
Blonde graffiti hair. Credit:

Wondering how to wear your hair this summer? Well, it seems that stencils aren’t just for interior decorating! In fact, it looks like graffiti hair is the next big thing when it comes to adding a touch of colour to your locks to make an impression. Made popular by artist and hair stylist Janine Ker with her fun, pretty creations and hair salons, like Bleach London, this amazing new hair trend involves using stencils that you can easily find at a DIY/craft shop and temporary hair colour sprays. Credit: @howtohairgirl

Blonde short hair with a black star
Star hair graffiti. Credit:

Want to do a DIY job? The best part about this colour hair trend is that you don’t need to be a pro colourist to master it, because the stencils do most of the work for you! And although there are many intricate patterns or florals and geometrics available, you can also find simple shapes, like hearts, circles, squares or stars that require foolproof application! Credit: @cuttingcrewhair

Short stenciled blonde graffiti hair
Stencilled blonde hair. Credit:

Getting the best results is not only about playing around with colour variations or stencil patterns, it’s also about experimenting with placement! All you have to do is decide whether or not you want to graffiti your hair at the bottom, on the mid-lengths or on the crown of your head! Credit: @michaelrowanhair

Short haircut with undercut and graffiti sprayed blue heart
Undercut with blue heart graffiti. Credit:

Sporting a pixie cut? Don’t fret. You can still pull off this hair trend with success. Just have a look at this short haircut with an undercut and a pretty stencilled blue heart for proof. Neat and subtle? Yes, please! Credit: @let_us_prey

Bright rainbow hair with matching nails
Rainbow hair with matching nails. Credit:

Take a leaf out of this girl’s book and match your hair with your nails. We know it’s not a look for the faint-hearted, but we promise you’ll definitely make a statement! Credit: @bradbaker

smilie faces and pink heart graffiti motifs
Cute, childlike graffiti motifs. Credit:

Want to really stand out? Why not play around with quirky, childlike motifs like smiley faces or pink hearts? But just a little heads-up: it might require the help of a professional (or a trusty friend) to create designs like these ones. Credit: @hairbygracec

So, which stencil patterns will you pick for your graffiti hair?

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