Erykah Badu with multi-coloured hair

Erykah Badu just painted her hair with a paintbrush!

She's taken DIY to a whole new level...

Singer-songwriter Erykah Badu, who is known for her impressive hairstyling, just did something pretty mesmerising to her mane: she painted it! Usually, when people want to switch up their hair colour, they book an appointment at the salon, but not Erykah. She took the DIY route, and coloured her hair with what can only be described as acrylic paint! See for yourself, below…

Erykah Badu documents hair painting process on Instagram

colourful hair paint
Erykah Badu’s hair paint. Credit:

Taking to Instagram to document her hair colouring process, Erykah Badu first posted the above picture, which showcases her palette of chosen hair colours, from blue to red to green to purple, as well as a number of different paint brushes! It looks like something out of Art Attack

Erykah Badu painting her hair multi-coloured
Erykah Badu just painted her hair. Credit:

Next, Erykah began applying the colourful paint to her long hair in blocks with a paintbrush. She positioned contrasting colours, like blue and red, next to each other for a daring look. And we have to say, we’re pretty impressed with how bright these hair colours look against her dark locks.

Erykah Badu with multi-coloured hair
Erykah Badu just painted her hair. Credit:

Wondering what the end result looks like? Well, have a look at the picture above, and gaze your eyes upon Erykah’s edgy multi-coloured mane! While we’re not quite sure if we’ll be trying this DIY technique at home, it was definitely fun to watch Erykah test it out! Credit: @erykahbadu


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