Amazing colourful hair ideas for pale skin

Pale skin and pink hair? We're saying: yes, you can! 

If you’ve got naturally pale skin, you may feel like you can’t rock a bright, bold hair colour. But we’re here to tell you that you most definitely can! All you have to do is find the right colourful hair hue that’ll complement your porcelain complexion, rather one that’s going to wash you out.

While not all colours will suit your light skin tone, there are some that will work wonders with paler skin. So, to inspire your next salon visit, have a flick through our gallery above for some serious colourful hair inspo.

6 Colourful hair ideas to consider if you have pale skin


Colourful hair: electric blue ombre colourful hair
Colourful hair: Electric blue ombre hair. Credit:

Electric blue ombre

If you thought bright, bold colours don’t pair well with pale skin, then think again. In fact, eye-catching colours, like this blogger’s electric blue hair, can work to complement lighter skin tones. For the most flattering effect, opt for a shocking blue hue that starts halfway down your hair, in an ombre fashion. This will utilise some of your hair’s natural colour to work with your complexion. Credit: @blatantlyblue

Tip: Throw on some reflective statement sunnies and you’ll have heads turning in no time!

Colourful hair: pastel pink hair
Colourful hair: Pastel pink hair. Credit:

Pink pastel

Porcelain-skinned girls, it’s your lucky year, because pastel hair is huge for 2016 (and the trend just so happens to be one that suits pale complexions down to a T). We love how this Instagrammer combined various shades of pastel pink and nudes together to create this soft, balayage effect. Not only does it actually emphasise the warmth in her skin tone, but it also looks great next to bold brows and a nude lip! Credit: @helloxchristie

Colourful hair: silver and lilac toned colourful hair for pale skin
Colourful hair: Silver and lilac toned hair. Credit:

Lilac and silver highlights

If you have naturally pale skin with cool undertones, sometimes, opting for a cool hair colour (like this lilac and silver example) can work a treat. However, if you’re not really feeling the traditional ombre technique, why not try combining different shades of lilac, blue and silver highlights to really make your tresses stand out from the crowd? Credit: @rossmichaelssalon

Tip: To effortlessly pull off this look, ensure that the majority of your hair is silver-toned, while the lilac and blue hues are simply peppered in for a softer effect.

Colourful hair: dark pink colourful hair for pale skin
Colourful hair: Vibrant magenta with grown-out roots. Credit:

Vibrant magenta with grown-out roots

When we look at this picture, we can’t help but think of Disney’s Snow White (but obviously, this girl is far more badass!). She just proves that dark pink hairbrunette roots and pale skin is combination that really works to make a statement – and we can’t help but feel envious. Just remember to throw on a matching shade of lippy to complete the look! Credit: @heatherchapmanhair

Colourful hair: Ombre green colourful hair ideas for pale skin
Colourful hair: Green ombre hair. Credit:

Green ombre

You may not think it, but green hair actually works a charm on those with cooler undertones, especially if you want to cancel out any redness in your face. Why? Because the colour green naturally counteracts red. Think about it in terms of makeup: you can use a green concealer to cover pimples or rosacea. But why use makeup to do that, when you can use your hair? You’ll be balancing out your skin tone, while earning serious style points at the same time. Win-win! Credit: @iamkareno

Colourful hair: grey to purple balayage colourful hair
Colourful hair: Grey to purple balayage. Credit:

Grey to purple balayage

If you’re after a pop of colour that’s not too loud or crazy, be sure to start with a neutral-coloured base, like grey. Both light and dark grey can suit a variety of skin tones, including paler complexions. After you’ve achieved your base, pepper in more vibrant colours with the balayage technique – we recommend mixing harmonious shades of purple to achieve a soft, yet edgy, look! Credit: @mermicornhair

Editor’s tip: Regardless of what colour you decide to go for, you should always adapt your wash and care system for one that is specially formulated for colour-treated hair, like theTRESemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo(500ml, £3.69*) and the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Colour Vibrance Protection Conditioner (500ml, £3.69*). 

Can’t get enough colourful hair inspiration? Then check out our Hair Colours page for the latest colouring techniques and trends!

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