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Blorange is the latest hair colour trend you need to know about

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Trust us: it’s mesmerising!

Do you know what happens when you mix orange and blonde hair together? Well, you get blorange, which is basically a clever name for peach coloured hair! We know, we know: it may sound like we’ve just made this name up, but this hair colour trend does in fact exist, and it’s becoming super popular on Instagram. We’ll even go a step further and say that it’s set to be the hottest colour of 2017!

To get acquainted with the blorange hair colour trend, just keep on scrolling for some Instagram inspiration…

Hair colour trend alert: Blorange!


peach hair colour long bob wavy
Blorange hair colour trend. Credit:

If you’re struggling to decide whether to dye your mane a luscious shade of blonde, or a striking orange hue, why not meet in the middle? By combining the two hair colours together, you can create a lovely blorange shade, which looks akin to a peach or rose gold hue. Credit: @lorenmiles

ombre blorange peach hair colour trend
Ombre blorange hair colour trend. Credit:

A blorange hue can be worked into your hair in a number of different ways, from an all-over dye job (if you’re after a bold look!), or a more subtle ombre or balayage style. Credit: @salonestique

bright orange hair colour wavy
Vibrant blorange hair. Credit:

While the blorange hair colour often resembles a pastel hue, you can opt for a more vibrant, bright colour, too. If you’re feeling daring, ask your hairdresser to mix together an edgy, almost metallic blorange hair hue. You’ll be sure to have heads wherever you go! Credit: @scarlettvalentine

Blorange hair colour trend curly afro hair
Blorange hair colour trend. Credit:

Another fabulous thing about the blorange hair colour trend, is that it suits a variety of hair types, from straight, to wavy, to coily! And if you ask us, there’s no better way to show off your curls than with a mesmerising hair hue! Credit: @nyanelebajoa

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18 January 2017