How to slay black hair with blue tips like a true Instagram star

Your next adventure? Trying black hair with blue tips!  

Okay, 2018 is in full swing and you’re still trying to figure how you can take your dark strands out of dullsville. Everyone is going blonde, but you’re not ready for that sort of commitment (let alone the damage)… so, now what?      5 words: black hair with blue tips!

But what is it? It’s basically blue ombre, but it’s specifically done on darker hues and is just what you need to revive your locks. So to help you get it right, we’ve rounded up the coolest black hair + blue colour combinations to inspire your next look.

7 fresh ways to slay black hair with blue tips

close up shot of woman with long black hair with blue tips and bangs hairstyle
This is the cool-girl trend you never knew you needed! Credit:

1. Sea blue tips

Not only is this Insta-babe’s long hair basically perfect, but she has also opted to pair lush long bangs with her black hair with blue tips, giving her style extra cool-girl appeal. Credit: @chalalaieggen

Why the ombre hair with bangs trend is here to stay.

close up shot of woman with long wavy black hair with blue ombre tips, posing in a salon
Subtle black hair with blue tips hairstyles do exist! Credit:

2. Faded denim tips

Yep, denim hair is still ruling the roost!

This subtle ombre look is ideal if you’re not quite ready to pick a stand-out blue hair colour. And if you really want to show off your new dye job, make sure you learn how to master beachy waves, like this beauty has done! Credit: @natsumiornom

Editor’s tips: Thinking of getting black hair with blue tips done, too? Then we recommend using a colour-specific wash and care system, like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner to ensure you’re chosen hue stay vibrant for longer.

close up shot of woman with black hair with blue tips, wearing all black and posing in a salon
Black and blue waves look gorgeous! Credit:

3. Sapphire blue tips

Want your hair to look like a million bucks? Then here’s the photo that will convince you to try black hair with sapphire blue tips!

The rich dark brown and shimmering sapphire colours seamlessly melt together, for a real gem of a look. And as for styling, fashion your locks into a high ponytail and pair with some swanky earrings for a red carpet finish. Credit: @lexihairdesign


close up shot pf a woman with cerulean ombre hair, wearing black top and posing in a salon
Love cerulean waves? You’ll love this! Credit:

4. Wavy blue tips

This beauty has chosen to accent her dark hair with both light and dark blue hues, with the gentle waves providing extra motion to the look. Worn higher up than other styles, these oceanic shades are cool and calming — off to the beach we go! Credit: @dearmiju

close up shot of woman with black hair with blue tips, posing in a hair salon
Dare to go further? Try this! Credit:

5. Metallic pastel and denim blue tips

Want to make a stylish impact with your black hair with blues tips colour choice? Then try working in a mixture of pastel, denim and blue-grey highlights, for a surreal-looking shade that’s full of stylish contrasts. Credit: @courtgannhair

See the metallic hair hues that will be everywhere in 2018.

Editor’s tip: If this dreamy hue has caught your attention, up the gloss factor and ensure your tresses are shimmering with the TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops. Just a few pumps of this serum onto dry hair and you will have shimmering, frizz-free locks all day!

close up shot of woman with curly afro hairstyle, wearing black top and posing outside
Natural curls? Try this winning combo! Credit:

6. Curly black hair with blue tips

Curly black hair with blue tips? Curly-haired queens, you too can get in on this show-stopping trend! How? By copying this Insta-star, of course!

Here she has gone for subtle Fleur East-inspired blue tips, which enhances the look of her coils and flatters her dark skin tone like a dream. Credit: @futricandomoda

close up shot of woman with short black hair with blue tips
Ready to make your bob hairstyle pop? Credit:

7. Midnight blue tips

For a more grown-up way to rock this trend, combine mysterious, midnight blue tips with a sleek bob haircut, for a classy and chic style.

With a look this dazzling, you’ll be ready to show the world how stylish black hair with blue tips can be. Just don’t forget to send us pictures, okay? Credit: @devllles


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