How to find the best hair colour for your skin tone: A guide

All Things Hair | 13 November 2016

Find the hue that’s right for you!

Looking for the best hair colour ideas for your skin tone? We’ve all been there! And with the new season in full swing, it may seem that everyone is sporting that new must-have hair colour, except you (sigh!). But with a million and one shades to choose from, just how is one suppose to know which hue will work? Luckily for you, we have the secret to nailing a hot winter look: all it takes, is to find the colour that will suit your skin tone down to a T.

Of course, anyone can wear any hair colour they desire, but to really pull off a look, it’s important that you know which shades and hues will perfectly complement your complexion! So, with that in mind, scroll down, and take a look at our guide to help you find the best hair colour ideas for your skin tone.

Best hair colour ideas for your skin tone.


Best hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - blonde for fair skin tones
Best hair colour ideas for fair skin tones. Credit:

Fair skin tones

The lighter your skin tone, the lighter you can go with your hair – so, if you’re fair-skinned lady, then you can really pull off a whole spectrum of beautiful blonde hues! And if your fair skin has warm undertones (like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley), look to butterscotch, strawberry blonde, and honey-based tones, as they will enhance the peachy glow of your complexion.

Ladies with warmer-toned, fair skin can also look equally as striking with cool, black hair, simply by working in multiple tones throughout your ‘do (a little like Pia Mia). The end result: a look that is super-dramatic and effortlessly cool! However, on the flip side, if you’ve got fair skin with cooler undertones, try opting for blue-based blondes, such as platinum, flaxen, and champagne, for an ultra-flattering look. Credit: @gedankenbilder_

Best hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - caramel browns for medium skin tones
Best hair colour ideas for medium skin tones. Credit:

Medium skin tones

If your medium complexion has warm undertones, go for rich, chocolate brown hues, that will enhance your skin tone (and blue or green eyes if you’ve got them). Also, try adding medium brown highlights around your crown, as this will help to keep your overall colour looking nice and soft!

For ladies with a medium complexion and cool undertones (think Jessica Biel), caramel tones are absolutely perfect. These inviting hues will help to warm up your cool complexion and give you a beautiful natural glow – this colour really is the gift that keeps on giving! Credit: @cassiemichellehair

Best hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - rich deep browns for olive skin tones
Best hair colour ideas for olive skin tones. Credit:

Olive skin tones

Have you got a warm and sultry olive complexion? Well, you’ll be pleased to know, that your skin tone can perfectly pull off rich browns and deep earthy hues – just channel your inner-Kim Kardashian with ebony, mocha, and violet-based colours, to really enhance your look. Cool olive complexions, however, can often have green undertones, so consider working in some warming hues, like chestnut brown, auburn, or cinnamon. Credit: @creativehairandmakeup

Best hair colour ideas: All Things Hair - IMAGE - rich black and blondes for dark skin tones
Best hair colour ideas for dark skin tones. Credit:

Dark skin tones

For ladies with a dark complexion and warm undertones, go for rich, dark shades, as these these will enhance your skin tone, give your look a big boost of depth and dimension, and inject plenty of life into jet black hair!

And just because you have a darker skin tone, don’t think that you can’t rock a hot blonde hue for your look this season – quite the opposite! Lighter colours can actually work really well with dark skin (just look at Beyoncé for proof!), but we advise avoiding orange-based tones and ash-blonde shades, as these can wash you out and look rather unnatural. Credit: @siimplysasha_

Editor’s tip: If you’re considering taking on one of these hair colour ideas, be sure to invest in a wash and care set that has been specially formulated with coloured hair in mind. We recommend using the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner, which will help to maintain your colour vibrancy for longer.


Enjoyed taking a butcher’s at our best hair colour ideas for your skin tone? Then don’t let the fun end there – head over to our Hair Colours page, and discover even more incredible styling ideas to brighten your mane!

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