The 8 latest hair colour trends you should know

Jeanette | 06 November 2016

The trends you just can’t live without!

Feeling slightly out of the (hair) loop? Want to know the latest hair colour trends that everyone’s talking about? Well, it seems that lady luck has smiled upon you, because we’ve pulled together the most enviable hair colour trends from Instagram in one spot. Now you don’t have to trawl through your social media feed looking for what’s hot and what’s not (you’re welcome)! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the selection of hair hues that we love best.

The 8 latest hair colour trends we love!


Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - metallic hair
The latest hair colour trends: Metallic hair. Credit:

1. Metallic hair

I’m obsessed with the whole metallic colour trend and colour washes, like rose gold or the steely, brassy tones. – Aaron Carlo TRESemmé UK Hair Ambassador

No, don’t worry, it has nothing to do with metal-plated tresses! This luminous hair colour trend works in varying shades of pretty pastel tones to give your mane a stunning iridescent look. So don’t panic, it’s just the ultra-glossy, high-shine finish that gives your hair hue that ‘metallic’ effect. Pretty incredible, right? Credit: @saripaints

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - firework-inspired hair
The latest hair colour trends: Firework-inspired hair. Credit:

2. Fireworks-inspired hair

Fireworks typically conjure up images of fiery, vivid colours – so it’s no surprise that the fireworks-inspired hair trend boasts bright, blazing hues. Think orange, blue, and purple-coloured locks, mixed together on a dark base colour (to simulate the dark night sky, of course!). What you’re left with is a hair look that’ll rival even the most dazzling of firework displays! Credit: @kellymccormickhair

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Brey
The latest hair colour trends: Brey. Credit:

3. Brey

This surprise hair colour trend works soft grey with beautiful blonde hues, blending seamlessly together to give off loads of depth and dimension! And the great thing is, that you can easily rock this look if you’re looking for a way to go grey gracefully, or even if you want to add a little interest to your bright, flaxen locks. So everyone’s a winner with this hot hair hue! Credit: @mikaylamber

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - succulent hair
The latest hair colour trends: Succulent hair. Credit:

4. Succulent hair

This look is one of the latest hair colour trends to hit our Instagram feeds, and like its name suggests, it draws hue inspiration from succulents. But just what can you expect from succulent hair? Deep, leafy green tones, with highlights of complementary botanical purples, of course! And we have to say, with this look, we’re absolutely in love with the high-contrast colour combinations. Credit@shearexcitementpompano

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Pumpkin spiced hair
The latest hair colour trends: Pumpkin spiced hair. Credit:

5. Pumpkin spice hair

Don’t be tricked by this hair colour, because it’s more than your standard ‘copper hair‘ look. And as you may have guessed, the pumpkin spice hair trend got its fabulous name from Starbucks’ famed Pumpkin Spice Latte. And we can firmly assure you, that this warming hair colour is just as tasty as the autumnal sweet beverage! Credit@liz.colors

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Chocolate mauve
The latest hair colour trends: Chocolate mauve. Credit:

6. Chocolate mauve

Looking for a way to update your rich brunette locks? Well, chocolate mauve is the perfect colour solution! This subtle trend uses pretty purple-tinged browns, to create a glammed up, chocolate mauve finish. Just ask your stylist to blend in some light browns and pale pinks to your warm chocolate base colour, and you’ll be raking in the style points! Credit: @justamikka

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - unicorn hair
The latest hair colour trends: Unicorn hair. Credit:

7. Unicorn hair

Confused as what Unicorn hair is? Well, let us set you straight: it’s a blend of various pretty pastel hair hues, resulting in positively magical hair colours! Ask your stylist for a mixture of your favourite pastels – like pinks, pale greens, sherbert yellow, lilacs, and baby blues – to recreate this unique hair trend. Looks like dreams do come true, after all! Credit: @studio1_helrazors

Latest hair colour trends: All Things Hair - IMAGE - White blonde
The latest hair colour trends: White blonde. Credit:

8. White blonde

White blonde for winter? Yes, believe it or not, they do go hand-in-hand! Just keep your tones super cool to create a white blonde hue that looks icy and snow-like! Still need a little more proof? Just have a look at all the celebrities that going blonde for winter – now if that doesn’t convince you to go blonde, we don’t know what will! Credit: @queenkarisa

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Enjoyed learning about the all latest (and magical) hair colour trends? Then carry on the colourful hair fun by heading over to our Hair Colours page, for more hair hue ideas and hot styling inspiration!

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