Funny lockdown hair moments from 2020

8 Lockdown Hair Moments That Made Us Laugh

We can all relate to these lockdown hair moments!

Throughout the uncertainty of lockdown, there have been small moments where we’ve come across beauty memes and relatable hair moments that have managed to make us laugh. And, since 2020 is finally coming to a close, we’re recounting the best of them right here, to brighten up your day.

From the obsession with mullets (yes, Joe Exotic really did make them cool again!) to the hardship of dealing with grown-out roots, here are the 8 top lockdown hair moments that brought us pure joy.

Salons Closing

One of the biggest challenges we all faced during the quarantine is dealing with our hair ourselves, as hair salons and non-essential shops were forced to close.

It got to a stage where we all forget what going to the hairdressers felt like. Then, when we got bored, we started getting creative at home…

Mullets and Tiger King

During the lockdown, Tiger King became one of Netflix’s most talked-about shows ever. But, the most unexpected thing to come out of this show, was the newfound obsession for mullets.

This is what we planned 2020 to look like vs what we actually got.

Funnily enough, mullets are now a hair trend celebs like Debby Ryan and Miley Cyrus are rocking! Are you brave enough to try it?

DIY Bangs

Like everyone else, we were seriously tempted to give ourselves DIY bangs.

While some of us took the plunge (if you managed to successfully give yourself cute curtains, teach us your ways!), the rest of us couldn’t muster up the courage. This funny video sums up all the bangs fails we were seeing on social.

DIY Haircuts

Warning: staring at your kitchen scissors long enough makes you want to cut your hair!

Unless you’re dusting to get rid of split ends, doing this at home is risky.

DIY Colour

The same goes for colouring your hair! This beauty wanted to try the two-tone hair trend at home but she ended up with this cool mix of hues, instead.

The safest colouring trend you can try at home? E-girl streaks or even money pieces.

Grown-Out Roots and Greys

Another hardship a lot of us faced? Dealing with grown-out roots and embracing greys.

There were lots of celebs seeing the humour in this, like Kelly Ripa.

Messy Hair

Let’s be honest, lockdown days all blended into one sometimes — so, most of the time everyone’s hair looked messy.

Thank the heavens for dry shampoo though, right? Plus, they’re lots of hairstyles you can wear when your hair is greasy.

Bun Life

When we weren’t perfecting dressing gown curls, the hairstyle we were loving the most on and off video calls were buns.

The Bratz doll messy hair meme was extremely relatable and when it came to Halloween hairstyles, lots of our fave Instagram beauty gurus recreated the look.

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