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How to Tame Flyaways: Your Complete Guide

Have you ever been personally victimised by flyaways? Flyaway hair occurs when factors like breakage, static or humidity cause strands to stick out rather than laying flat. From the must-have products to keep in your bag to the at-home hacks you can do to fix them long-term, read on to see our top tips for keeping flyaways at bay.

1. Rethink Your Shampoo and Conditioner

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The first step in combating flyaway hair is to ensure you’re washing your hair with products that promote sleek, smooth strands. To give your tresses the right start, consider investing in a shampoo and conditioner duo with targeted frizz-fighting properties.

We love the cult TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, as it works to soften hair, detangle and tame the most stubborn flyaways.

2. Use a T-Shirt or Microfibre Towel to Dry Your Hair

The fibres in regular towels are rough and can cause friction, leading to breakage, frizz and yep, you guessed it, flyaway hair. Instead, after you’ve washed your hair, use a cotton T-shirt or microfibre towel to dry your strands when you step out of the shower.

The fibres in both a cotton T-shirt and microfibre towel are woven tightly, meaning they won’t disturb the surface of your hair fibre, which can create texture. Texture = frizz and flyaways.

3. Mask Weekly

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Is your hair in need of some serious TLC? You can get your mane back in shape and control flyaway hair by using hair masks, like the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Restore Hair Treatment Masque regularly. Not only do these deep conditioning products work to nourish strands, but they are also great for their smoothing properties — meaning less flyaways, and more better hair days.

4. Always Use Heat Protection

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Like the age-old saying goes “prevention is better than cure,” so stop visible heat damage in its tracks by using a protective spray or cream every time you use heat on your hair.

The TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray will help shield your strands from the effects of heated styling tools, while also leaving it with a visibly smooth, flyaway-free finish.

5. Use an Oil

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Adding an oil, like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil, to your hair routine is the best way to instantly make your hair look smoother and shinier.

6. Try a Flyaway Wand

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Want to tame flyaway hair on-the-go? Then you’ll love this handbag essential: the VO5 Flyaway Touch-Up Wand. Think of it as your favourite mascara, but for your hair! This hair serum will tame frizz, static, and reduce the appearance of split ends, leaving your locks looking glossy and flawless.

Wondering how you should use it? Just brush it over baby hairs or loose strands to smooth flyaway hair, as demonstrated in the video, to touch-up all your favourite hairstyles.

7. Use a Wide-Tooth Comb

The quickest way to undo all the hard work your wash and styling products have just done? Running a brush through your hair and being left with instant static. If you have flyaway-prone hair, brushes with dense bristles can create more friction and breakage, while combs are gentler on the hair and help with smoothing.

8. Use Hairspray (The Right Way)

When you’re fighting stubborn flyaway hairs, don’t just use hairspray to hold your final look in place, incorporate it into as many steps as possible into your styling routine for maximum staying power.

If you’re using a curling wand or a straightener, spray each strand with hairspray before using the tool. This will help smooth down the hair’s surface and lock in the style.

For an updo or braid, mist a little hairspray into the palm of your hand or onto a brush and run it gently over the surface of the hair. This will help press any flyaways or frizz flat against the top of your head.

It tames flyaway hair while also boosting shine, making it perfect to rely on when you want to recreate any sleek celebrity looks. Did we forget to say it also comes with heat defence? We love a multi-tasker.

9. Wrap Your Hair at Night

You don’t have to wake up to flyaway hair if you wrap it in a headscarf before you climb into bed!

Wrapping your hair with a satin or silk headscarf reduces the friction between your strands and your pillowcases. This stops your strands from becoming frizzy and unruly while you sleep, meaning you’ll wake up with smoother and more manageable locks. Alternatively, you can also invest in a silk pillowcase for the same frizz-fighting benefits.

10. Style It Out

Two models backstage at Fendi with wispy, flyaway hair styled into a topknot, wearing Fendi clothing and posing for picture
Make flyaway hair work for you by styling it like this. Credit: indigitalimages.com

Textured wisps can give hair a certain je ne sais quoi so, if you’re dealing with frizz, try embracing it!

Styles like a top knot, messy ponytail and undone waves look a lot better with wisps, so don’t be too stressed about a few flyaways making an appearance.

11. Try a Slick Back Look

Prefer a more polished style? One way to hide those pesky flyaways is to opt for a super slick, gelled hairstyle.

Thanks to stars like Bella Hadid and the resurgence of ’90s-inspired hair trends, the slick back look has never been so in vogue. Get the wet look (without actually having to go out with wet hair), by combing a little of a wet looking styling gel through your strands before styling. Et voilà, what flyaways?!

12. Do a Hot Oil Treatment

Flyaways are often the result of dry and damaged hair, so for an extra dose of nourishment, try a treatment. Hot oil treatments   work wonders by reducing breakage (therefore stopping the shorter hairs from poking out) and transforming locks with a healthy-looking shine.

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