Quick & easy hair tutorial: How to do a triple twist

Fake your way to a complicated 'do...  

triple topsy turvy ponytail



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Are you a serious braid fanatic, but don’t always have the time to weave a full French braid or a complicated updo? Well, we found a solution, and it lies within our simple triple twist hair tutorial! Not only is this style oh-so pretty, but it’s also surprisingly versatile, too – being perfect for both in the office, and for after-hours drinks.

Now, although it may look complicated, we promise, it’s anything but! This ‘do is actually one of the easiest styles we’ve ever come across (and trust us, we’ve seen our fair share). So, if you want to learn how to fake your way to an intricate hairstyle, head right this way. Just remember to have your hairbands at the ready, and follow our step-by-step guide, below.

Hair tutorial: The triple twist


Create a half-up ponytail.

To start off with, remove any dirt, oil and residue from your hair, by washing it with TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner.

Once your mane is clean and dry, create a middle parting. Then take the top section of your hair (approximately 3 inches in width all the way around) and secure it into a loose half-up, half-down ponytail. The ponytail should start in the middle section at the back of your crown.

a side view of a woman pulling up her hair

Create a gap.

Next create a gap above the middle of your half-up ponytail, by using your fingers to gently separate the hair.

a rear view of a woman twisting her long hair up

Create the first twist.

Now flip the tail of your pony onto itself and loop it into the gap that you created in step 2. Once you done that, pull it all the way through to form a topsy turvy twist!

a twisted hair of an ombre woman

Create another half-up ponytail.

Then you need to section another layer of hair: this time it needs to be 2 sections from underneath your first section. Gather these sections into another loose half-up, half-down ponytail, ensuring it sits directly below the first twist.

Hair tutorial: Triple hair twist step 4

Create the second twist.

As before, make a gap above the ponytail using your fingers, before flipping the tail and looping it into the hole, to form your second topsy turvy twist.

a twisted hair of an ombre woman

Create your last half-up ponytail.

Now section the third – and last – layer of hair, which needs to be the 2 sections from underneath your second twist. Gather them into another loose half-up ponytail and loop the tail through to form the last twist.

a woman tying up her hair

Final look.

And there you have it: an intricate-looking ‘do that takes just minutes to achieve!

Top tip: Spritz some TIGI Bed Head Headrush Shine Hairspray over the final look, to add a layer of lusicious sheen. This product will really help to add depth to any highlights too, which will give this hairstyle even more dimension!

hair tutorial girl with triple twist hair


Still not satisfied your craving for oh-so simple hairdos? Fret not: because there are loads more looks to sink your teeth into over on our Easy and Quick Hairstyles page, which is just bursting with step-by-step tutorials!

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