5 Simple hair styles that are perfect for hitting the slopes

Look stylish while you ski!

Planning on hitting the slopes this month? Then we bet that you’re on the hunt for an après-ski worthy hairstyle, to ensure that you look the part while working out! If this is the case, then rest assured that you’ve come to the right place: we’ve whipped up an article that has 4 simple hair styles that you can rock during ski season. Want to find out what they are? Of course you do! Just scroll down for the lowdown.

Simple hair styles that are perfect for ski season

brunette hair boxer braids
4 Simple hair styles that are perfect for hitting the slopes: Boxer braids. Credit: Dvora

Boxer braids

Boxer braids (AKA cornrows) are the perfect ski-appropriate hairstyle, thanks to the fact that they’re stylish and practical. Seeing as your hair is braided tightly to your scalp, you won’t need to worry about any stray hairs breaking free while you’re whizzing down the slopes!

Editor’s tip: To help ensure that your braids stay put in the snow, give your mane a spritzing with the VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray.

long brown hair low twisted ponytail simple hair styles
4 Simple hair styles that are perfect for hitting the slopes: Low, twisted ponytail.

Low, twisted ponytail

Another practical, yet pretty hairstyle option is the low, twisted ponytail. First seen on the runways, this unusual pony features a sleek twisted tail, making it appropriate for almost any daytime event, including skiing!

simple hair styles on blonde hair low bun
4 Simple hair styles that are perfect for hitting the slopes: Low bun.

Low bun

If you’re eager to hit the slopes, and don’t want to spend too much time in the morning fussing over your hairstyle, then look no further than this neat, low bun. This fuss-free ‘do only takes a matter of minutes to whip up, plus it looks super chic. Because who said that you had to compromise on style while skiing?

Editor’s tip: To learn how to create this look, get your TIGI Catwalk Firm Hold Hairspray at the ready, and check out our step-by-step tutorial, here!

ski hairstyles side braid brunette hair
4 Simple hair styles that are perfect for hitting the slopes: Side braid.

Side braid

Another thing to consider when choosing a ski-worthy hairstyle, is if it will fit nice and snug under your helmet! Luckily, we’ve discovered that a pretty side braid does just that. This simple braided hairstyle will be sure to see you through your slope session, all the way until your evening ski party!


For more simple hair styles that are perfect for the slopes, head on over to our Easy & Quick Hairstyles page – you’re bound to find some practical, yet pretty ‘dos there!

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