The best buns for short hair that you can rock in the gym

Short hair buns made for gym fun!  

Do buns for short hair really exist? We know that if you have short tresses, it might be a pain that you’re not able to wake up and throw your hair into a messy bun like your long haired sisters. But we’re here to let you into a little secret: buns for short hair are a thing!

What’s more, these buns are guaranteed to hold tight no matter how active you are at the gym – so feel free to lift, press, spin, swim and more!

Just check out our edit of cool and easy buns. Come on, we know you’re curious…

4 Buns for short hair that you can run and jump in!


Smiling brunette with half-up topknot
Buns for short hair: Half topknot hero. Credit:

Half topknot hero

Ok, we don’t like to show favouritism, but in our books, the half topknot bun is the ultimate bun for short-haired girls. By keeping the front section of your hair lifted to the crown, it’s guaranteed to keep your short locks away from your face while you exercise.

Before creating your topknot, spritz your roots with a little of the TRESemmé Instant Refresh Translucent Dry Shampoo, it’ll help rid you of greasy tresses, as well as give your hair some grip. Play about with the position of the bun – and you’re done! Credit: @love_kaileyshell

Brunette messy bun with sporty headband
Buns for short hair: The short-haired girl’s messy bun. Credit:

The short-haired girl’s messy bun

If your tresses are a little longer, you might just be able to do a messy bun. But don’t forget to team your ‘do with a hairband to help stop any stray baby hairs or flyaways from getting in your way. Credit: @abbyyxelizabeth

Brunette with low bun and tendrils
Buns for short hair: Park it low. Credit:

Park it low

Looking for a hairstyle for your next yoga session? Then create this low-intensity-perfect ‘do by pinning and teasing the hair into a bun-like shape. Expert tip? Give your bobby pins more grip by spraying them before you use them with the VO5 Classic Styling Ultimate Hold Hairspray. Credit: @muevalacolita

Dark haired woman with two half-up mini buns wearing red lipstick
Buns for short hair: Double buns. Credit:

Double buns

Why wear one bun when you could be rocking two, right? To get the look, channel your inner gym bunny with this half-up hairstyle and create two mini buns, leaving your shorter hair out at the back.

Much like the half topknot hero (remember?), double buns are great for keeping your hair up and out of your way, allowing you to focus on your workout or, you know, your gym selfie. Credit@mina1003


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