Dreadlock: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Long locs Nerissa Irving

Dreadlock goals! Nerissa Irving’s Rapunzel-like hair

Long locs is an understatement!  

Is this ankle-length dreadlock hairstyle for real? We’ll be the first to throw our hands up and say that when we saw Nerissa Irving’s locs, we thought they couldn’t be legit. But after scrolling through the model’s Insta feed, we soon realised that her almost floor-sweeping tresses are, in actuality, the real deal – setting us some serious dreadlock goals! Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself, below.

This dreadlock hairstyle is giving us serious hair-envy!


Dreadlock: All Things Hair - IMAGE - long dreadlocks Nerissa Irving
The dreadlock hairstyle giving us serious hair-envy. Credit: Instagram.com/nerissanefeteri

Word on the street is, that the model has been growing her dreadlocks for 29 years! And with roots in Rastafarianism (her Jamaican mother was a Rastafarian), it’s also rumoured that her pretty dreadlock hairstyle is freeform.

But her incredible tresses aren’t the only impressive thing about this dreadlock beauty – she was also the first loc’d woman to feature in Playboy magazine. Now that’s quite an achievement! Credit: @nerissanefeteri

But don’t despair if your locs aren’t brushing against your ankles, because there are other ways you get these enviable, Rapunzel-like tresses – all you need is the help of some ultra-long extension. And with faux locs having been given the A-list treatment (see Rihanna’s long faux dreadlocks and Erykah Badu’s floor-length micro braids) dreadlocks have never been so swoon-worthy!


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