Blonde dreadlocks: How to work the look with success

All Things Hair | 15 June 2016

Thinking about getting blonde dreadlocks? Here’s some inspiration…

Bold, fierce and edgy, blonde dreadlocks are one of this year’s most controversial, yet exciting trends. Popular during the ’90s, dreadlocks are a look that’s played a huge role in shaping and defining cultures and ethnic groups around the world. Of course, for many of us, when we think of dreadlocks, celebrities, such as Whoopi Goldberg and Bob Marley, automatically spring to mind. But today, there’s a new wave of fashion-conscious woman embracing the trend that has long been associated with the Rastafarian movement in Jamaica.

Once sported by Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston, blonde dreadlocks have made a huge comeback! And this year, a new cohort of stylish ladies has brought them back on our radar! Here are some the coolest women pulling off blonde dreads on Instagram right now…

4 Blonde dreadlocks inspiration from Instagram


blonde dreadlocks
Blonde dreadlocks. Credit:

Adopted by lots of people as a unique expression of individuality, the trend has been adapted by many women around the world. As a symbol of power, unity or self-expression, there are a number of ways that you can personalise your dreadlocks using different colours, hairstyles and accessories. Credit: @maddeeepaddeee

But we’ve got to admit that, at the minute, we’re all about platinum blonde locs, which are just perfect for making a memorable fashion statement. So, to give you an idea, we’ve taken a look at the women who are working the style with success…

blonde dreadlocks braids
Blond dreadlocks: French braid. Credit:

The French braid

Dreadlocks can be styled in many different ways, allowing those who wear them to get creative! And, as every girl knows, having long hair, and wearing it down all day is hardly ideal – particularly if you have a job where unruly strands of hair can easily get in your way. A plait, like a French braid, for example, is a great way to tame frizzy tresses at the nape of your neck. Credit: @aceandduke

Blonde dreadlocks: Bold colour. Credit:

Bold, vivid colour

Platinum blonde dreadlocks look even better when you incorporate lots of bold, vivid colours into your style. After all, this look is all about daring to be different and embracing your creative side, so have fun with it! Multitone dreadlocks tend to work best when the colour is integrated under the top layer of hair, as it allows you to add a new dimension without imposing on the rest of your shade. Credit: @surfing_yoga_girl

flowing blonde dreadlocks
Flowing dreadlocks. Credit:

Flowing freely

Dreadlocks symbolise freedom, and look equally as good when they are left to flow freely! Just remember that, although blonde dreadlocks look absolutely amazing, if you have dyed or bleached your natural hair colour, it’s important that you take care of your dreads, as the colouring process will leave them dry. Once you’ve bleached your locs, we’d recommend applying some hair wax to replace lost nutrients and smooth them. Credit: @chesscountess

Daring and inspiring, blonde dreadlocks can be worn as you please, and are great for experimenting with a host of hairstyles. So, what are you waiting for?