5 Cool dreadlock hairstyles we love

Jeanette | 14 April 2016

Dreads are more versatile than you think!

Looking for pretty ways to style your locs? Because there seem to be tons of natural looks, but very little in the way of inspiring dreadlock hairstyles, people are under the misconception that they aren’t very versatile. But you shouldn’t overlook dreadlocks, because, believe it or not, there are actually many different ways you can style them (Zoe Kravitz and her mother, Lisa Bonet, are proof of this!).

So whether you’re about to take the plunge, or already have dreadlocks and want to be creative with your tresses, or (controversially) rock faux locs like Zendaya, here are 5 cool dreadlock hairstyles we love that will inspire you!

Our 5 favourite dreadlock hairstyles

braided dreadlocks
Dreadlocks braid. Credit: Instagram.com/natslocs

1. Thick braids

This pretty look only takes a few minutes to do, no matter your styling abilities! Just start by dividing your locs into two equal sections. Then, follow the traditional three strand braid technique to create a plait in each section, before securing your braids with a large hairband. And you’re done! Credit: @natslocs

dreadlock hairstyles top knot hun
Dreadlocks ‘hun’. Credit: Instagram.com/lauthemermaid

2. Hun (AKA the half-up bun)

Versatile, practical and attractive; what’s not to love about half-up dreadlock hairstyles? Start by dividing your mane horizontally into 2 sections, making sure that most of your locs are in the bottom one. Then create a ponytail with the top section and secure it with a hairband. To finish, twist it, wrapping it around itself to form a bun, and hold it in place, using a large hairband. Credit: @lauthemermaid

Editor’s tip: Worried that this ‘do might be a little harsh for your square or round-shaped face? Take a leaf out of Lisa Bonet’s book and leave some locs out; it will help to frame and flatter your facial features.

dreadlock hairstyles low bun
Low bun with dreadlocks. Credit: Instagram.com/dreads_on_kat

3. Low bun

Our dreadlock hairstyles round-up wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful updo now would it? Which is why we had to include this pretty low bun. Although creating a bun isn’t always the simplest thing to do – especially if you have super-long and thick locs – rest assured that this updo is pretty easy to master and looks impressive once completed. Just remember to tie your hair into a low ponytail before you start tying your hair into a bun. Credit: @dreads_on_kat

dreadlocks hairstyles short hair
Dreadlocks in a loose ponytail. Credit: Instagram.com/bluecrazy1996

4. Loose low ponytail

Why not upgrade your classic ponytail by playing with its position? Just move your pony lower down your head and leave it loose – et voilà! You’ll instantly have a brand new hairstyle. To achieve this, sweep all your dreadlocks to the middle and secure your ponytail with a large, loc-friendly hairband. Credit: @bluecrazy1996

Accessories and blond dreadlock hairstyles
Dreadlock accessories. Credit: Instagram.com/alisa.belochkina

5. Accessorise your dreads

Attending a wedding? Then why not add a romantic touch to your dreads by including pretty flowers, hair cuffs and colourful hair wraps? It will easily give you a beautiful bohemian look! You could also create an elegant braid and embellish it with pearls or jewellery-like headdresses – as seen at Chanel’s pre-fall 2012 show. After all, nothing says party like glitz and gems! Credit: @alisa.belochkina

So which of these dreadlock hairstyles will you choose?

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