8 wearable ways to work a wavy perm in 2017 without looking like a poodle

Beth | 28 July 2017

Forget what you think you know about perms.🐩


Sick of straight strands? While some people would love to be in your position, we understand that the grass always seems greener on the other side. And try not to get too excited here, but what would you say if we had just found a way to rock waves everyday, without having to style it everyday? Let us introduce you to – the wavy perm.

We won’t blame you if you’ve got a few dodgy preconceptions about perms, but trust us, perming is having a comeback in the form of the beach wave perm and we’re totally on board. And let’s be real here, would doesn’t want to wake up with beachy waves everyday?!

8 ways to rock a wave perm in 2017


asian woman with lob length hair in wavy perm
Even the straightest of strands can be transformed with a wavy perm. Credit: Instagram.com/lenamargono

1. Tousled perm

Stars like Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are big fans of the tousled hair trend, working their natural waves to the max.

However, if you’re not naturally blessed with a wavy texture, you can always fake your way to textured tresses with an undone wave perm, like this Instagrammer – nobody will ever know! Credit: @lenamargono

selfie of a woman with long dark spiral wavy permed hair
Wave goodbye to boring hair with these stunning spiral waves! Credit: Instagram.com/miyakopaltuob

2. Spiral perm

Find that your DIY curls drop out too quickly? Opting for a semi-permanent wavy perm instead will ensure that your curls go the distance and always look flawless.

These spiral curls should be at the top of your mane wishlist, as they’re appropriate for both day and night, so your hair will look great no matter what life throws at you! Credit: @miyakopaltuob

selfie of a brunette model with her hair in 80s perm waves
Take your look back in time with this ’80s-inspired beach wave perm. Credit: Instagram.com/audreyanamichelle

3. The ’80s perm

Make like Madonna and channel your inner ’80s wild child with a beach wave perm. But you can banish any preconceived notions of retro styles here, because instead of the tight coils of days gone by, because the contemporary way to work the look is loose and carefree! Credit: @audreyanamichelle

TRESemmé Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse

Editor’s tip: To ensure your curls stay full and voluminous (but not frizzy), we recommend investing in a hair mousse, like the TRESemmé Extra Control Salon Finish Mousse. This will help to define and separate your curls, making them more manageable.

selfie of a girl with brunette kinky permed hair
Crimped hair is back, people! Credit: Instagram.com/jessica_mallery

4. Kinky perm

If you’ve ever worn your hair in braids overnight, you’ll know that it leaves your hair with a gorgeously crimped effect. Now, how great would it be to wake up with perfectly kinky strands every day?! Enter: the kinky body wave perm.

Rather than looking like you’ve actually curled your hair with a curling wand, this gives you that just-braided look, which is perfect if you’re not yet a perm pro. Credit: @jessica_mallery

woman with long silver grey permed hair
Going grey never looked so chic! Credit: Instagram.com/brooch_mia

5. Coloured perm

Fan of colouring your hair? Having permed hair doesn’t mean that you can’t colour your hair, in fact, a perm can help to add definition and dimension to your hue, making it look even fresher! We’re loving this Instagrammer’s chic silver-tinted tones – would you dare to go grey?! Credit: @brooch_mia

woman with lob length wavy permed blonde hair with bangs
Complete your look with a fresh set of bangs! Credit: Instagram.com/_z_23_k_

6. Perm with bangs

Bangs are a super flattering addition to any look, so don’t be put off by getting a wavy perm just because you’ve got (or want to get) a fringe cut in! Want the proof? Just look at this Instagrammer’s shaggy wave perm and full, effortless fringe. Credit: @_z_23_k_

woman in a salon chair with long brunette beach wave perm hair
Ride the wave this summer with a beach wave perm! Credit: Instagram.com/cocothehairslayer

7. Beach wave perm

As opposed to separated, defined curls, a beach wave perm produces flowing, mermaid-like waves. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s a beach wave perm! Credit: @cocothehairslayer

TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops

Editor’s tip: For waves like Ariel‘s, make sure to use a serum on your hair to combat any frizz and keep your strands looking gorgeously glossy. The Toni&Guy High Shine Serum Drops can be used on both wet and dry tresses, so it’s perfect to tame flyaways at anytime of the day!

reflected photo of a woman with loosely permed bob length brunette hair
You don’t have to go crazy with the curls to rock a perm. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbymillicent

8. Subtle perm

If the get-up-and-go convenience of a wavy perm appeals to you, but you’re not sure that super curly curls will suit you, then there are definitely more subtle variations that you can try.

A loose, undone wave perm (like the one above) will give flat locks heaps of luscious texture, without having to commit to full-on curls. But be warned, it’s addictive! Credit: @hairbymillicent


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