Unicorn Curls: Hairstyles trend showcases women of colour

After all, the brighter the better, right?  

Inspired by both women of colour and the vast ocean of hair hues on the market, the Unicorn Curls hairstyles trend is the latest hair craze for naturalistas. Founded by blogger and Instagrammer Studio Mucci, Unicorn Curls hasn’t only become a trend, but also a movement and community for like-minded women wanting to show off their fun-loving rainbow coils!

So, does this sound like something you want to get in on? We thought it might. In that case, scroll on to discover our favourite Unicorn Curls looks, plus find out what it takes to become part of the Unicorn Curls girl pack!

Unicorn Curls: Hairstyles we love


rainbow curls hairstyles multi-coloured afro hair
Unicorn Curls: Hairstyles movement. Credit: Instagram.com/unicorn.curls

Why rock afro curls when you can rock rainbow afro curls? To brighten any dull day (and to inject a little more fun into your life), take a leaf out of Instagrammer and Unicorn curls founder Studio Mucci’s book. She kicked this whole funky trend off by dyeing her coils every shade under the sun – and so can you.

So, if you want to recreate her look exactly, you will need to opt for a pretty multi-coloured look, by working in shades of pastel, like peach, baby blue, lemon and mint. Credit: @unicorn.curls

curls hairstyles white grey hair afro
Unicorn curls: Hairstyles movement. Credit: Instagram.com/marihsantosss

Now, if ultra bright hues aren’t your thing, but adore this trend, don’t fret: because the Unicorn Curls community isn’t just defined by rainbow hair colours – you can also rock a single bright shade, too! Just check out this Instagrammer for proof – she’s opted for a dazzling off-white hair hue to complement her coily locks. Ooh la la! Credit: @marihsantosss

blogger colourful space buns rainbow braids
Unicorn Curls: Hairstyles movement. Credit: Instagram.com/studiomucci

Don’t have an afro? No problem: you can even work your rainbow tones into multi-coloured box braids, instead! The beauty of box braids are that they can be a single solid tone or they can have different hues woven into them, for an edgy, playful look. Seriously, the weaving of your braids will really make your colours popCredit: @studiomucci

rainbow box braids large bun updo black hair
Unicorn curls: Hairstyles movement. Credit: Instagram.com/magaviilhas

And once your multi-coloured box braids are complete, you can style them into a number of hairstyles, like high, over-sized buns, double space buns, and even cute half-up, half-down hairstyles! Don’t believe us? Check out 6 box braids hairstyles that we created, here! Credit: @magaviilhas

Editor’s tip: Considering becoming a Unicorn Curls member? We bet! Just know that if you dye your hair a bright colour, you’ll want to invest in a shampoo and conditioner duo for coloured hair, like the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner.


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