How to achieve picture-perfect vintage curls

Learn all about how to do vintage curls yourself at home with our follow along tutorial.

lifestyle shot of a brunette model with shoulder length vintage curls with a side parting wearing a white v neck top


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Sometimes you just can’t beat a good old classic and we’re total suckers for old-school vintage hairstyles. Our current fave? Vintage curls, of course, because they’re timeless and actually easy to achieve (without a roller in sight!).

Ready to look like a glamorous Hollywood siren with these vintage curls? Short hair, long hair, whatever type of hair you have, just follow along with our step-by-step tutorial here to get the look.

How to do vintage curls in 8 easy steps


Prep your hair.

Begin by getting your hair ready for styling by gently combing or brushing through your mane before you begin your vintage curls. Long hair can easily get knotty or tangled, so tackling this beforehand will make things a lot easier!

vintage curls: smiling brunette model with shoulder length curly hair wearing a white v neck top

Apply hair mousse.

Apply 1-2 pumps of a volumising mousse like the VO5 Big Volume Mousse and evenly comb it through your mane, section by section. Repeat until you’ve worked it through all of your hair.

This mousse is a great one for this look as it is body-boosting and contains heat defence, which is important as you’ll be using heated tools.

brunette curly haired model combing mousse through her hair while wearing a white v neck top

Blowdry your hair.

Using a round brush, blowdry your hair in sections. Don’t forget to use the nozzle attachment to help direct heat straight onto the section you’re working on.

brunette curly haired model blow drying her hair with a round brush

Create the curls.

Now you’ve blowdried your hair, it’s time to heat up your curling tongs.

Take a 2-inch wide section of hair and start curling your tresses by wrapping the hair around the barrel and holding for a few seconds.

vintage curls: brunette model using a curling tong to curl a section of hair

Clip your curl.

Once you’ve created your first curl, roll it inwards on itself and pin it close to your scalp with a section clip. This will help keep the ringlet intact while you curl the rest of your hair.

vintage curls: brunette model clipping in a curl with a hair clip to set it


Repeat this curling and clipping method until you’ve worked your way around your entire head. Once complete, spray your tresses with the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray to help those perfectly-formed curls hold their shape.

vintage curls: smiling brunette model with her hair in rollers wearing a white v neck top

Unclip your hair.

Once you’ve given your curls a chance to curl, start to unclip them one by one and use a comb to gently loosen them.


brunette model with shoulder length wavy hair using a comb to comb her curls out

Final look: Finish with hairspray.

Once you’ve gently combed your hair to create polished, defined waves, give your hair one last once-over with hairspray to set the look.

For even more glam factor, you can also use a finishing spray like the VO5 Tame & Shine Spray to give your mane a shiny finish.

And there you have it: soft, elegant vintage curls perfect for all occasions.


brunette model with shoulder length vintage curls wearing a white v neck top


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