27 Best Long Curly Hairstyles and Looks for 2020

Which long curly hair style will you try first?

While there’s no shortage of dreamy #longhair inspiration around, figuring out how to style long curly hair is a whole different ball game. Now, there’s no need to fret: we’re about to share some of our favourite long curly hairstyles with you, right now!

From pull-through styles to buns, we’ve rounded up a selection of chic hairstyles for long curly hair to suit all skill levels.

1. Classic Long Curly Hair

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with long chestnut brown curly hair, wearing black jacket and jumper and posing outside
Long curly hair looks its best when it is defined. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

The best way to rock long curly hair this season? Loose and seriously defined, just like this. Trust us, you’ll be showing everyone how amazing your texture is!

2. Beachy Curls

Long curly hair: Close up shot of model Bella Hadid with long curly chocolate brown hair, wearing black and posing at a Dior show
Loose curls are great for nailing that off-duty vibe. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you want to channel off-duty vibes, you could just wear your curls beachy. No matter the season, this look is always in.

When it comes to creating beachy, long curly hairstyles, you really can’t go wrong with using a sea salt spray.

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3. Curly Blonde Highlights

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with caramel curly long hair styled with blonde highlights, wearing drop earrings and posing in a studio setting
Blonde highlights are great for enhancing long curly hair. Credit: Instagram.com/flaviaesantiago

Giving your long curly hairstyles a sun-kissed boost is going to be a breeze — just get blonde highlights put in! Doing so will make your coils look more prominent and feel new again, too. Credit: @flaviaesantiago

Editor’s tip: Encourage and define your curls with the VO5 Volume FoamWork it through your damp lengths, blow-dry or diffuse and watch as your pretty curls come to life.

4. Hollywood Curls

Long curly hair: Close up shot of Amy Adams with long strawberry blonde curly hair styled into Hollywood waves. wearing satin blue and black dress on the red carpet
Your date night look? #Sorted. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

This romantic look is a fail-safe way to wear your curly long hair down with extra charm. If it means you’ll look like Hollywood siren, what’s not to love?

5. Side Plait

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a model with long light brown curly hair with an accent side braid, wearing sunglasses and black leather jacket on the street
A pretty braid will make your curly long hair pop. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Hairstyles for curly long hair don’t have to be complicated to look good. Add a little pizzazz to your ‘do by weaving a simple braid or two on the side.

6. Curly Half-Up Hairstyle

Long curly hair: Close up side shot of a woman with long dark brown curly hair styled into a half-up, half-down ponytail, wearing lilac jumper with drop earrings on the street
Half-up looks will never let you down. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If you love ponytails, you’ll live for this long curly hair ‘do: a half-up, half-down ponytail.

Whether you’re heading to work or the gym, this cute hairstyle will help keep your mane off your face in the most stylish way possible.

7. Half-up, half-down braids

Long curly hair: Backshot of a woman with ashy blonde long curly hair in a half up half down fishtail braid.
Keep them guessing with this curly long hair look. Credit: Instagram.com/sass.and.braids

Looking for Pinterest-worthy long curly hairstyles? Then this playful braided half-up hairstyle is definitely for you.

With a mix of fishtail plaits and bouncy curls, your hair will look like a work of art. Credit: @sass.and.braids

8. Half-up bun

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman wearing grey long sleeved tshirt with her curly ombre hair in a half up bun
Try these buns, hun. Credit: Instagram.com/jackiexsieng

Easy hairstyles for long curly hairstyles, like this hun (AKA the half-up bun), strike the perfect balance between casual and chic, plus take mere seconds to do! Credit: @jackiexsieng

9. Half boxer braids

Long curly hair: Close up back shot of a woman with long chestnut brown curly long hair styled into half boxer braids, wearing a floral dress
Have you ever heard of half boxer braids? Credit: Instagram.com/aylae.ulalia

These half-up boxer braids will show off your gorgeous face while still keeping all eyes on your long curly hair. Credit: @ayla.eulalia

Editor’s tip: Great for creating all braided long curly hairstyles, the TONI&GUY Flexible Hold Braid Balm is an easy-to-use balm that will help add grip and structure to your plaits.

10. Waterfall braid

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman wearing burgundy leather jacket with her long blonde curly hair in a waterfall braid
Do go chasing waterfalls. Credit: Instagram.com/aquasalon

As far as long curly hairstyles go, there isn’t anything more romantic than a classic waterfall braid. With a host of A-list fans (including Nina Dobrev and Demi Lovato) pledging their allegiance to the style on the red carpet, it’s sure to take your date night look up several notches!

Discover our step-by-step waterfall braid tutorial to find out how to DIY. Credit: @aquasalon

11. Half-up pull-through

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with long curly ginger hair in a half up pull through braid
With this ‘do, you can pull through anything. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbyamandablass

Love braids but struggle to do them on yourself? We’ve found a solution in the form of this pull-through style!

It may look like a style fresh out of Game of Thrones, but it’s actually made up of a series of simple pull-through twists, which even plait-phobes will be able to master. Credit: @hairbyamandablass

12. Long curly afro

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with long curly auburn afro, wearing a yellow top and yellow sunglasses
The bigger the afro, the better the style game. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Bold, big afro hairstyles are on everyone’s hot list right now. To nail the look, use an afro comb to fluff out your long curly hair and that’s it!

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13. Low ponytail

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with long dark brown curly hair wearing striped dress and posing outside
Get your curls in check with this low ‘do.

Got a formal event to attend? Say no more. Opting for this classic low ponytail is your best option, especially if you’re a fan of easy hairstyles for curly long hair.

14. Side ponytail

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown long curly hair styled into a high side ponytail, wearing sunglasses and a orange Levis top posing outside
When in doubt, style your mane to the side. Credit: Instagram.com/steffany_borges

We’re super happy to see the return of this fun ’80s hair trend, and this beauty shows us all how well curly long hair looks when styled into a high side ponytail. Credit: @steffany_borges

15. Side French braid

Long curly hair: Woman wearing a white vest top with her long curly hair in a side french braid
You’ll love this French braid. Credit: Instagram.com/hairromance

A subtle twist on a classic, the side French braid is one of our favourite hairstyles for long curly hair. Both practical and pretty, there are plenty of fun ways that you can play around with this versatile style.

Just take inspiration from the Instagrammer above: stop braiding at the nape of your neck and embrace the curls! Credit: @hairromance

16. Side bun

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown long curly hair styled into a low bun wearing a camel jumper top, posing outside
Low buns are everywhere!

Even if you’re pressed for time, you can still work your curly long hair into this elegant side bun in a flash.

Editor’s tip: If your long curly hair feels dry, frizzy and is difficult to manage, you may need to think about investing in a hair oil.

The Nexxus Oil Infinite Serum Oil is one of our favourites, as it helps reduce frizz, enhance softness and improve manageability. Yes, please!

17. Low chignon

Long curly hairstyles: Blonde woman with curly hair styled into a low chignon
Talk about romantic! Credit: Instagram.com/hairromance

Providing the ideal balance of smart and feminine, this low chignon is exactly what you need to keep your coiled strands looking neat. Credit: @hairromance

18. Messy bun

Long curly hairstyles: Woman wearing a striped top with her curly brunette hair in a messy bun
Another day, another messy bun. Credit: Instagram.com/kellyshahbazian

Want to know how to style long curly hair on those days when your strands are being extra curlicious? As the name suggests, the messy bun is one of the few styles that actually calls for intentional bed-hair vibes, so the curlier the better! Credit: @kellyshahbazian

19. Double buns

Long curly hair: Close up shot of Janelle Monae with dark long curls styled into space buns, wearing white and black jumper top with choker
We’re ready to dance. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

If one bun isn’t enough, create this eye-catching double ‘do that’s two times as exciting. Just imagine how it’ll look with some sparkly hair accessories!

20. Hair scarf

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with long dark brown curly natural hair styled into a scarf braid posing in a studio setting
A hair scarf is about to become your long curly hair’s new BFF! Credit: Instagram.com/scarfmeusa

A little bit lived-in and totally on-trend, this is definitely a curly long hair look to copy if you want to give hair scarves a try. Credit: @scarfmeusa

21. Bangs

Haircuts for long curly hair: Close up shot a woman with long curly chestnut brown hair with bangs, posing for a photo
Get in on the fringe benefits. Credit: Instagram.com/kristinjohns

Looking for fresh haircuts for long curly hair to try? Well, you may be surprised to know that you can wear bangs.

You can opt for wispy, straight bangs like this… Credit: @kristinjohns

22. Curly Bangs

Long curly hair: Close up shot of Rihanna with long curly hair styled into a curly updo, wearing a necklace and Bardot cut dress
Pineapples and bangs go together like P&B and jelly! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Or, you can play up your mane’s beautiful texture by keeping your bangs cute and curly.

Up next: See how your favourite stars rock curly bangs.

23. Boho Braid

Hairstyles for curly long hair: woman with brunette and blonde curly hair in a boho halo braid
We can imagine Vanessa Hudgens wearing this. Credit: Instagram.com/hairbysydneyolmstead

Bohemian-inspired braids like this Dutch crown braid work especially well on curly long hair as it complements their lived-in, natural texture. Credit: @hairbysydneyolmstead

24. Curly Cornrow Twists

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with natural curly hair styled into half-up cornrows, wearing strappy shirt and posing against a green wall
How cute are these cornrows? Credit: Instagram.com/ahfro_baang

Need to keep your curls out of your face? Then cornrows are definitely the look for you!

Since we’re always on the hunt for #hairhacks that make our lives easier, when we stumbled across this Instagrammer’s quick-fix twisted alternative to classic cornrows we immediately took note! Credit:  @ahfro_baang

25. Curly Fishtail Braid

Long curly hair: Close up shot of Elenanor Tomlinson with a messy, ginger side fishtail braid
Because a side braid is fail-safe! Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

For those of you looking for more long curly hairstyles that allow you to make the most of your length, we’ve found the answer — try a side fishtail braid!

26. Curly Wedding Updo

Long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark brown curly hair styled into a curly updo with flowers in it, wearing wedding dress and posing outside
Not sure how to style your long curly hair for a wedding? Try this. Credit; Instagram.com/heatfreehair

A couple of loose curls styled into a low updo and some flowers are all you need to make your long curly hair look glamorous for a wedding or garden party.

Want to see more wedding hairstyles for curly long hair? You should click over and read our edit on curly wedding ‘dos.

27. Curly Layers

Haircuts for long curly hair: Close up shot of a woman with dark blonde curly hair with long layers in it posing in a salon
When it comes to haircuts for long curly hair, layers are a popular option. Credit: Instagram.com/curliesbyjenniferhoffner

You can’t talk about haircuts for long curly hair without mentioning layers! Whether you want to amp up your curls or get rid of bulk, they’re a great way of sprucing up your hair when you feel uninspired. Credit: @curliesbyjenniferhoffner

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