How to Make Windswept Hair Work for You

Winter winds ruining your vibe? Find out how to embrace windswept hair in style.

If you’re fed up with looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge and want to nail perfectly undone hair, read on.

Trust us, our helpful hair hacks will ensure that you look calm and collected, even if the weather is not.

Add Volume at the Roots

Street style shot of a blonde woman with windswept hair wearing sunglasses
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Do you spend ages trying to get hair advert-worthy volume only to find it falls flat as soon as there’s one strong gust of wind?

The key to fending off flatness is to use a plumping product, such as the TONI&GUY Root Lift Sculpting Powder. A quick sprinkle of this light dust creates masses of volume at the roots, which, when backcombed, remain lifted all day. Bonus: the packaging is small enough that you can pop it in your bag just in case you get caught in a wind tunnel (hello, underpass shortcut), and flatness strikes.

Style the Lengths

Windswept hair happens to everyone, so the key is to embrace it and see how it can enhance your regular style. Straight hair will benefit from more volume, while curly locks will have a more casual, tousled look rather than defined ringlets. See, it’s not all bad after all!

Tease Your Hair

While we can’t help but sometimes love the added oomph that comes with windswept hair, it’s rarely in the areas we’d like. To give the illusion of a more intentional style, use a comb to tease areas with less volume, to give an allover glam windswept look.

Read our guide to teasing hair, to find out how to get the best (and most pumped-up) results.

Windswept hair: Street style shot of a brunette woman with her hair in a messy bun wearing an oversized denim jacket
Come rain or shine, messy buns are a girl’s best friend. Credit:

Become an Updo Pro

Why not make life easier for yourself by trying out an updo on bad weather days?

The messy bun is our personal favourite when the weather isn’t cooperating, the wind will only serve to make your bun look even more lived-in and effortless.

Setting Your Style Is a Must

Many of us only tend to reach for the hairspray when we’re going out for a special occasion. However, with bad weather to contend with, curls are likely to drop faster and frizz is more likely to ruin sleeker styles (sigh).

Whatever your hairstyle that day, whether you’re rocking spiral curls or a smooth and straight style, always remember to finish off with a spritz of a good hairspray, such as the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray, before you head out the door.

This one’s great as it also offers humidity protection, so you’re covered against all possible weather outcomes. Take that, British weather!

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