The heatless curls tutorial that’ll transform your hair game

Discover how to have lovely hair and curls without heat now. 

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Not a fan of using heated styling tools or just want to give your hair a little heat break? Whatever your reason, knowing how to create heatless curls is an invaluable skill when it comes to styling your hair.

So, if you’re looking for a heatless way to transform your tresses, look no further! Just try our easy, hair how-to, below.

Create hair curls without heat in 6 steps



Prep hair for curls without heat.

Start by brushing your tresses to remove any tangles, then apply a pea-sized amount Toni & Guy Wave Memorising Balm to your mid lengths and ends. This ‘setting lotion‘ will help you define your curls without heat and allow you to revive your curls by simply scrunching!

Heatless curls: Brunette model with long hair

Create pin curls.

Use a clip to section your hair and keep your tresses out of your way while you create your pin curls. Take a small section of hair (roughly 2 inches) and wrap it around two fingers. Use a hair pin to secure the curl.

Want to create spiral curls without heat? Just make sure that you tightly wrap a 1-2 inch section of hair to create a stylish spiral curl.

Heatless curls: Brunette model with long hair creating a

Pin all of your hair.

Repeat step 2 until you’ve pin curled all of your hair. Once you have a full head of pin curls leave them to set. Since we are creating curls without heat, it’s best to leave your curls to set for a few hours, or even better, overnight!

Curls without heat : Brunette model with long hair in in curls reading a magazine

Release your pin curls.

Now that you’ve left your pin curls to set, it’s time to let them down! Remove the pins from your hair to release them.

Heat less curls: Brunette model with long hair removing her pin curls



Finger comb your hair.

Finally, gently loosen your hair with your fingers or brush (depending on how loose you want your curls).

spiral curls without heat: Brunette model with long curly hair

Final look.

Finish off the look with a generous spray of the VO5 Ultimate Hold Hairspray and there you have it: beautiful curls without heat!

hair curls without heat: Brunette model with heatless curls:



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