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Half-up half-down curly hair ideas you need to try now

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Easy to create and versatile? What’s not to love?


The half-up half-down curly hair look has really come into its own this past year. Having become a favourite with women of all ages and hair lengths, the number of innovative hybrid hairstyles has soared! With a hint of ’90s nostalgia about it, these versatile hairdos are now an indispensable part of our styling repertoire.

So, are you someone who finds themselves turning to the same few looks over and over again? Perhaps you have already ventured into the half-up half-down world, but are ready for something a little bit different? Whatever your styling situation, you need to take a peek at our favourite half-up half-down curly hairstyles, that are sure to give you a boost of inspiration!

Half-up half-down curly hair ideas for everyone


Annalise Basso with half up hal down curly hair
Half-up half-down curly hair ideas: Prom-inspired loose curls. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Prom-inspired loose curls

When it comes to achieving a cute ‘do, there is no better inspiration than that of a prom princess! Not only are prom hairstyles designed to have an air of elegance and refinement, but also an element of playfulness, too.

Simply by separating off the top section of the hair, teasing for volume and tying into a loose bun at the crown, you can easily create basis of this half-up, half-down look. Then, to add a little more elegance (and to create more of a prom feel) gently curl the ends of your mane. And, if you are feeling extra glam, now is the ideal time to rock some glitzy hair accessories in your strands!

Witney Carson with blonde half up half down curly hair top knot
Half-up half-down curly hair ideas: The half-up topknot. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Topknot curly hair

Need we really explain why topknots are an ideal half-up look? Having been in vogue for both men and women for quite some time now, these ultra stylish and edgy knots are the epitome of quick and easy hairdos – and they’re just perfect for curly tresses, too!

One way to put a spin on half-up, half-down curly hair, is to turn the top section into a bun style a la Whitney Carson. This look is best worn messy to add volume, but can also be made more refined by working it into a tight bun, for a fancy night out with the girls!

ariana grande half up half down curly hair space buns
Half-up half-down curly hair ideas: Half-up space buns. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

Half-up space buns

Ariana Grande is frequently seen wearing her hair in space buns and we think it looks utter fabulous! It’s cute, it’s a little bit different, and (most importantly) it’s fun!

Space buns can be easily made into a half-up look, by splitting the top section into 2 and twisting them into tight little buns, while leaving the rest of your hair down and au natural. Just be sure to secure this look with a bit of the VO5 Voluptuous Waves Creation Hairsprayand you are ready to go!


Et voila, they’re our favourite half-up, half-down curly hairstyles for 2017! But if these hybrid hairdos aren’t quite your cup of tea, worry not: there are tonnes of other amazing looks just waiting to be discovered on our Hairstyles and Haircuts page!

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14 January 2017