5 frizzy hairstyles that you’ll actually want to wear out of the house

There's no such thing as a bad hair day with these intentionally frizzy hairstyles.  

Frizzy hairstyles? Okay, you might think we’ve officially lost it with this one but hear us out!

Everyone is always talking about how much they hate their frizzy hair and trying to find the perfect hair products to tackle it. But what if, just maybe, we all stopped trying to fight the frizz for once and actually embraced it?

Adding more of a textured look to your locks, a bit of frizziness can actually give the most basic of styles a whole new lease of life. So the next time you wake up late and don’t have time to tame the mane, don’t panic, just give one of these get-up-and-go styles a try!

Frizzy hairstyles: 5 ways to rock this unconventional hair trend


streetstyle photo of a brunette woman with frizzy bob hair
Nobody wants a lifeless lob! Credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Frizzy bob

If blunt, angled bobs aren’t your thing, don’t let that stop you from giving the bob/lob trend a try. For a more contemporary, modern take on the bob haircut let your natural texture run free for a tousled, youthful effect.

Stars like Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson have made the tousled bob one of this year’s most coveted styles, so you know it’s well worth a shot!

Editor’s tip: Using a sea salt spray (like the VO5 Sea Salt Spray) will help to accentuate any natural waves or curls in your hair and give you that beachy effect we all so crave.

back shot of a brunette model with a twisted frizzy ponytail
A simple twist can instantly transform a basic pony. Credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Twisted ponytail

Ponytails are popular frizzy hairstyles as they’re a quick-fix way to tame your mane and keep it back off of your face throughout the day.

Now, instead of settling for any old pony, the next time your hair decides to go cray-cray try styling it into a low ponytail and then twist it through on itself to create a topsy-turvy twisted detail at the nape of your neck.

Practical and pretty? You can’t go wrong!

runway shot of a brunette model with 1920s screen siren curly frizzy hair
Travel in time to the ’20s with this throwback style. Credit: indigitalimages.com

3. 1920s screen siren

1920s-esque curls are always popular for party season and when it comes to this Gatsby-inspired style, bigger is always better.

Instead of trying to achieve perfectly-defined curls, use a hairbrush to brush out your spiral curls after styling to give a more voluminous, fluffy finish and to add more bounce to the look.

Contrast your voluminous waves by keeping the hair at your crown smoothed down and sleek. This contrast in textures will only make your curls look even more dramatic!

Editor’s tip: To recreate this catwalk style, first use a tail comb to create a deep side parting. Then apply a few drops of the Toni&Guy Shine Gloss Serum to your palms and use it to smooth down any flyaways while adding a gorgeously glossy shine, too.

runway shot of a blonde model with a loose braid
When it comes to braids, the messier the better! Credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Messy braid

Braid lovers will know that to create the perfect Pinterest-worthy braids it’s essential to work with textured (preferably unwashed second day hair) in order to give your hair the texture it needs to hold the braid.

This makes braids the perfect frizzy hairstyles as rather than ruining your look, any flyaways will actually add a more effortless, windswept finish to your ‘do!

streetstyle image of a model with brunette frizzy hair in an updo
Fluff it up! Credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Undone updo

Messy buns are all about perfecting that perfectly-dishevelled look, so we couldn’t talk about our favourite frizzy hairstyles without mentioning this model favourite!

No matter how unmanageable your hair may be, you can always rely on a messy bun to transform your hair in a flash from crazy to chic. And if you haven’t got the technique down yet, check out our how-to guide to creating the perfect messy bun for every occasion.


So, the only question left is: have we convinced you to try any of these frizzy hairstyles? If not, as sleek styles are more your thing, check out these 9 celebrity-inspired ways to rock the slick back hair trend and you’ll have the pristine mane of your dreams in no time!

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