7 Things to know before you cut your curly hair

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We all love getting a new haircut, right? It’s fun, exciting, and when you step out of the salon you feel like a totally new person! However, it can also be a stressful affair, with everyone having at least one hairdresser horror story. But this is especially true for ladies with curly hair, as the process can be very different from cutting straight strands!

Whether you have tight curls or loose waves, read our top tips on what you need to know before you get your curly hair chopped. Trust us, with a little guidance, you won’t ever regret a salon visit again. You’re welcome!

What to know before you cut your curly hair


1. Do your homework

You can never do too much research when planning to cut your curls. Before you decide to bound off to your local salon, it’s best to do some digging into hair stylists that specialise in curly hair, because the truth is: not all hairdressers are gifted in the technique. Start by searching online, or better yet, ask other curly-haired friends for recommendations – there’s nothing like being in the capable hands of an expert to put your mind at ease!

2. Communication & honesty is key

Don’t be scared to tell your stylist about your curly hair concerns; they want to give you a great haircut just as much as you do! Also, when you’ve found a specialist hairdresser, don’t be afraid to book a consultation before you have your cut, as you’ll be able to gauge whether or not it will be the right place for you. 

curly hair advice
Each type of curly hair is different.

3. Get to know your curl type

Knowing your hair, its texture, and how it reacts seems like an obvious one, but it can be easily overlooked during the inspiration process. What works for one curly-haired girl may not work for you, but don’t worry: there’ll be a style that will! A curly hair expert will consider your curl type and know to work with – not against – your hair.

Feeling clueless at to what your curly hair type may be? Then read all about the different curl types, right here!

4. Curly hair can change

Remember, depending on the cutting method you opt for, your haircut might change. If you decide that a wet cut is what you want, don’t forget that when your curls dry, they will shrink and also get much fuller. So, it’s important to have an idea about which method you prefer – again, when in doubt, always ask your hair stylist for advice!

5. Try a dry cut

The camps are split on this one, but if the thought of getting a wet cut gives you heart palpitations, you might want to consider getting a dry cut. And honestly, this makes a lot of sense when it comes to curly hair. While traditional haircuts typically begin when damp, cutting curls when fully dry allows a stylist to work with your hair’s natural texture and length, enabling them to see exactly how much you want off! There will be no nasty surprises with this method. 

curly hair tips for cutting
Consider different hair cutting techniques.

6. Consider the unconventional

Not fully convinced by wet or dry cuts? Well, there is another option: dusting. This trimming technique is great if you want to maintain your length and keep your locks in tip-top condition! The method involves removing split ends for an overall fresh feel, and is especially good for curly hair, since it makes minimal impact on your bounce. 

7. It’s an art, not a science

Due to the nature of curls, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to the cutting process. In contrast to straight hair, cutting curly hair is an somewhat of an art – but don’t be scared of trimming your tresses, as experimenting is all part of the process and key to an enviable mane!


Now that you’re well versed the in cutting of your coily mane, we bet that you want to brush up on your other hair woes, right? Well, we’ve got you covered: just skip on over to our Curly Hair and Natural Hair Care pages, and let us remedy your locks with our expert advice!

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