michelle keegan brown hair

Has Michelle Keegan got brown hair again?

Is Michelle Keegan really a brunette again? 

British actress Michelle Keegan shocked everyone in July when she totally transformed her look by switching up her natural brunette locks to become a bleach blonde babe. While some fans weren’t quite ready for the dramatic change, others were mesmerised by the star’s new, lighter hue. But whether you loved it or hated it, you’re in for another shock, because – brace yourselves – Michelle Keegan has brown hair again! Well, at least we think she has…

Michelle Keegan: Brown hair or blonde?


michelle keegan blonde hair
Michelle Keegan has been sporting blonde hair all summer. Credit: Instagram.com/michkeegan

Michelle has been sporting her bright blonde hue for around 6 weeks now, and just when we thought we had got accustomed to it, she threw another spanner in the works. Check out the rather suggestive Instagram picture below! Credit: @michkeegan

michelle keegan brown hair
Has Michelle Keegan got brown hair? Credit: Instagram.com/michkeegan

Taking to social media yesterday, Michelle posted the above picture, which could be a teaser for her new brunette hair colour! In the picture, we get a glimpse of her brown tresses, which have been styled into loose, beachy waves. Perhaps the maintenance of her blonde shade was just too much for Michelle? Or maybe she’s preparing for the arrival of autumn? Whatever her reasoning, she’s definitely got fans wondering if she’s actually switched up her look again.

Even though the Insta pic hints at a new hair colour, does this really mean that Michelle Keegan has brown hair again, or did she just post a throwback picture? Who knows! We guess we’ll just have to wait and see until she’s papped out and about to discover the truth about her current hair shade! Credit: @michkeegan

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