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20 Trending Mahogany Hair Colour Ideas We Love

Mahogany hair is a blend of red and brown shades, similar to the colour of mahogany wood. It is a rich, dimensional colour, and the results can be vibrant or subtle depending on how much red is applied during the colour treatment.

Mahogany colours can add life and vibrancy to dull, mousey browns and even offer more dramatic transformations on lighter-coloured hair, where results are more visible. Stars like Demi Lovato and Emma Stone have both worn mahogany hair, and now you can discover this autumnal hue for yourself too. We’ve rounded up our favourite mahogany looks to inspire you for your next colour treatment.

Mahogany Brown Hair

Woman with curly mahogany brown hair
We call it mahogany magic. Credit:

Are you currently rocking brunette hair? Gently transition into the world of red hair with a light mahogany tint. 

Black Hair To Mahogany

Woman with black to mahogany hair
It’s a vibe. Credit:

For anyone with very dark brown or black hair, these edgy mahogany tips are a fun way to change up your look and add a pop of this magnificent hue. 

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Dark Brown Hair With Mahogany Highlights

Dark brown hair to mahogany highlights
The curls complete this look. Credit:

The lighter mahogany highlights add brightness and dimension to this espresso brown ‘do.

Dark Copper Mahogany

Woman with dark copper mahogany hair
An eye-catching hue. Credit:

Glossy waves and copper mahogany hair — have you ever seen a more perfect pair? Picture perfect and definitely worth a try!

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Editor’s tip: Keep your colour vibrant for longer without frequently visiting the salon with TRESemmé Revitalise Colour Shampoo, specially made to keep coloured hair radiant.

Burgundy Mahogany Hair Colour

Burgundy mahogany hair
This hair shade combo makes her strands shine. Credit:

Go brighter than bright with this vibrant burgundy creation, and turn heads wherever you go.

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Editor’s tip: The biggest problem facing those with red hair is colour fading. If you want to try out one of these shades, we recommend the TRESemmé Silky & Smooth Conditionera sulphate-free product that gently cleanses coloured hair without stripping it, while also providing the nourishment that dyed hair needs.

Cherry Red

Cherry red mahogany hair
Add a fruity twist to your ‘do with a cherry red hue. Credit:

Bored of your brunette colour? Adding some sweet, cherry-red tones to your strands is a great way to liven up lacklustre browns and channel the mahogany hair trend with a sultry style.

Chocolate Red

Chocolate red mahogany hair
Sweet like chocolate. Credit:

Chocoholics, this is the ‘do for you! Pay homage to everyone’s favourite sweet treat with this gorgeously rich, chocolate-red mahogany colour. It looks almost good enough to eat!

Barely-There Mahogany

Barely-there mhogany hair
After something subtle? This understated hue is for you. Credit:

Are there any dye newbies out there? One way to dip your toes into the mahogany hair colour trend, without doing anything too drastic, is to try a super subtle, muted take on the look. Ask your stylist to add a slight all-over red tint to your locks. That way, you’ll be able to determine whether you want to go brighter or return to your natural shade.

Fiery Red

Fiery red mahogany hair
This flaming red shade is almost too hot to handle! Credit:

If vivid vibes are what you’re after, call off the search party because we’ve found just the thing! Utilising more red tones than brown, this phoenix-inspired mahogany colour will brighten up even the dullest of days!

Glossy Mahogany Hair

Glossy mahogany hair
Just look at that shine! Credit:

This Instagrammer’s seriously shiny locks bring out the multicoloured tones in her mahogany hair beautifully and give her locks a healthy-looking sheen.

Amp up that shine! Ask your stylist for a hair glossing treatment post-dye that will help to boost your shine and really make the most of your fresh colour.

Soft Mahogany Hair

Soft mahogany hair
A lighter, softer take on the mahogany trend. Credit:

Proving that mahogany hair doesn’t always have to be dark, this Instagrammer is rocking a stunning, lighter variation on the shade. Ideal for those with pale complexions, choosing a shade like this will prevent your tresses from washing you out.

Mahogany Balayage

Woman with mahogany balayage hair
Balayage is always a good idea. Credit:

If you’re a brunette and proud, why not stick to your roots, while lightening up your ends, with a graduated balayage? It’s one of the most natural-looking ways to try out mahogany hair, as the freehand dying technique pulls ribbons of colour throughout the hair, rather than limiting it to one allover block colour.

Classic Mahogany

Classic mahogany hair
A classic look. Credit:

Prefer to stick to timeless styles? If you’d prefer a more classic take on the mahogany hair colour trend, ask your stylist to recreate this Instagrammer’s flattering rustic shade.

Mahogany Hair Highlights

Mahogany hair highlights
When in doubt, go for highlights. Credit:

Is there anything better than highlights to instantly transform a look? We think not. Especially when they look as good as this!

Mahogany Merlot Hair

Mahogany merlot hair, wine coloured
Merlot hair? Yes please. Credit:

You might have spotted that the wine-inspired hair trend is all over Instagram, so naturally we couldn’t resist including this rich, merlot-inspired mahogany hair hue in our line-up!

Raisin Tones

Raisin toned mahogany hair colour
Yes, it’s a thing. Credit:

This purple-toned raisin shade shows that a subtler mahogany hair colour can be just as enticing.

Particularly suited for those with ultra-dark brunette strands, you won’t have to worry about pre-lightening your locks to achieve this look, so it’s a great one to consider if you’re trying to limit the damage.

Sunkissed Mahogany

Sunkissed mahogany hair
Summer never has to end with this lovely lightened look. Credit:

We’re super into this Instagrammer’s gorgeous sunkissed, beachy style. Giving this traditionally autumnal hue a more summer-appropriate twist proves that mahogany hair can transcend the seasons for an all-year-round style! 

Ultra Dark Mahogany

Ultra-dark mahogany hair
Take a walk on the wild side with this super dark shade. Credit:

Wonder what is the best way to maintain a dark hue, while nodding to the mahogany hair colour trend? Opting for a dark brunette with a slight red tint to it, of course! From afar you’ll trick people into thinking your hair is simply brown, but up close and in certain lights, the warm tones will shine through.

Vibrant Mahogany

Vibrant mahogany hair
Look at that vibrancy! Credit:

Here at All Things Hair HQ we’re of the opinion that if you’re going to commit to a colour, you might as well go all out! So if you’re feeling brave, rock this bold mahogany hair colour with confidence and you’re sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Violet Tint

Voilet tinted mahogany hair
Take things a little off-piste by adding a slight violet tint to your look. Credit:

Fan of colour? Then you’ll know that purple hair has traditionally been tricky to pull off. However, this Instagrammer shows that blending violet tones into a mahogany hair colour can make for a much more wearable, yet still equally funky shade!


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