Jessica Chastain unveils chocolate brown hair colour on Instagram

She's gifted herself an early Xmas present!

Breaking news: Iconic redhead Jessica Chastain has had a major hair makeover, we repeat, Jessica Chastain is no longer has red hair! The actress recently revealed to us all on social media that she’s ditched her signature, glossy ginger locks in favour of a darker, chocolate brown hair colour.

Now, while we’ll forever be in favour of her fiery red mane, there’s no denying that her new, rich winter hue totally suits her! So, are you still yet to take a peek at her newly coloured ‘do? Then keep on scrolling and get the lowdown on her delicious hue, below.

Jessica Chastain’s new chocolate brown hair colour


chocolate brown hair colour: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Jessica Chastain Instagram celebrity red hair bob
Jessica Chastain with red hair. Credit:

Jessica, who has starred in films such as The Martian and The Help, is best known to fans as a glamorous redhead – which is why it came as a huge surprise when she ditched her famous hair hue, just a few days ago. But before we reveal what her strands look like now, we must warn you: they’re very different from the wavy long bob she’s been rocking as of late! Credit: @jessicachastain

chocolate brown hair colour: All Things Hair - IMAGE - Jessica Chastain Instagram celebrity waves
Jessica Chastain unveils new chocolate brown hair colour. Credit:

Taking to Instagram to debut her new ‘do, Jessica posted the above picture alongside her dog Chap (who’s super cute, BTW). And as you can see, the star’s hair has been transformed into a gorgeous shade of chocolate brown, which helps to bring out her steely blue eye colour.

Now, it’s important to note that Jessica is currently filming a movie called Molly’s Game, and she’s been spotted working this brunette hue on set. So, we’re not entirely sure if she’s dyed her hair dark for good, or if it’s the work of a clever wig – whichever it may be, we love it all the same! Credit: @jessicachastain


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