5 Brilliant hair colour ideas for brunettes

Beautiful brown hair coming up!

There has long been the mantra that brunettes are boring. And while we can’t speak for the personality of every lady with dark hair, what we do know is, that there’s no such thing as a boring brown hair colour! Don’t believe us? Well, to prove our point, we’ve put together a list of the best hair colour ideas for brunettes, that will lighten, brighten, and even deepen your locks.

From rich, chocolate shades, to warm honey tones, and even tinted reds, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to embracing this colour spectrum! Yes, brown hair has never looked so inviting – now scroll on and discover the brown hues you should be rocking this season.

5 Brilliant hair colour ideas for brunettes:


Hair colour ideas for brunettes: : All Things Hair - IMAGE - rich caramel tone
Hair colour ideas for brunettes: Rich caramel tones. Credit: Instagram.com/gabidoeshair

Rich caramel tones

If you already have quite dark brown tresses, and just want a way to shake things up for your wintertime look, then why not try popping in some rich caramel tones into your mane? These luscious tones may be subtle, but they really pack a punch in the style department – especially when worn in a set of long, glamorous waves!

Great for added tonnes of depth and dimension to hair that is all the same shade, these caramel highlights – with their mix of golden and honey-based tones – really help to brighten and uplift your overall appearance. Talk about Christmas come early! Credit: @gabidoeshair

Hair colour ideas for brunettes: : All Things Hair - IMAGE - chestnut brown
Hair colour ideas for brunettes: Chestnut brown. Credit: Instagram.com/marianneknerr

Chestnut brown  

Thanks to its darker base tone, brown hair offers amazing versatility when it comes to changing your hair colour to another brunette hue – and this delicate chestnut brown has long been a favourite of the All Things Hair team!

Due to its warming effect, almost anyone can pull off chestnut brown locks, working to perfectly complement any skin complexion and enhancing brown eyes! And when teaming a brunette base with light auburn and caramel highlights, you’ll have a brown hair concoction that can’t be beat. Credit: @marianneknerr

Hair colour ideas for brunettes: : All Things Hair - IMAGE - Mahogany
Hair colour ideas for brunettes: Mahogany. Credit: Instagram.com/shara_norton


Don’t be deceived by its deep purple tones, because this is one of the hottest brunette hair colours of the year! So, before you sneer and turn to a more traditional brown hue, let us try and convince you. This cool, edgy, and super stylish shade is a sumptuous blend of dark brown, woody mahogany hues, and undertones of purple, that will give a bold and stunning finish to your look! Feel like booking your next hair appointment now? We thought so. Credit: @shara_norton

Hair colour ideas for brunettes: : All Things Hair - IMAGE - Golden brown
Hair colour ideas for brunettes: Golden brown. Credit: Instagram.com/amandageorgehair

Golden brown

Contrary to popular belief, golden, almost blonde tones aren’t solely reserved for the summer months, as they also make the ideal shade to brighten up your wintertime mane, too! After all, a golden, sun-kissed glow is perfect for accentuating your eyes, while adding a stunning glow to dark hair.

Starting from half way down your tresses, simply ask your stylist for honey and caramel highlights, working the colours darker in your mid lengths, and lighter at your ends – it really is super easy to nail this look. And come on, who wouldn’t want to have sun-kissed locks 365 days of the year? Credit: @amandageorgehair

Hair colour ideas for brunettes: : All Things Hair - IMAGE - Bronde
Hair colour ideas for brunettes: Bronde. Credit: Instagram.com/lakwandajones


Feel like embracing an almost blonde look, but not quite ready to give up your brown tresses? Then bronde should be your number one choice! Similar to that of golden brown, this in-between colour boasts shades of blonde and brown in equal measures, giving you the best of both worlds – we can certainly see why it’s become one of this season’s hottest hair trends. Credit: @lakwandajones

Editor’s tip: If you’re feeling inspired by these luscious brown hues and want to dye your locks to match, remember to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s been specially formulated for coloured hair. We recommend the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditionerto help maintain your colour’s vibrancy.


Still want to get on board with a hot new shade this season, but can’t decide which look to go for? Then don’t get left behind: we’ve got loads more hair colour ideas for brunettes over on our Brown Hair page, just waiting to be discovered!

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