Chocolate mauve hair: Autumn’s new colour trend

Mauve hair is having a mauvement!

Do you find yourself lusting after all the vibrant hair hues trending on social media, but are too scared to take the plunge? Well, we think we’ve found the perfect colouring solution: say hello to chocolate mauve hair! This plush purple-brown shade has been doing the rounds on Instagram, and we have to admit, we’re totally in love with it.

So, if you’re feeling intrigued, read on below to get the lowdown on this new innovative hue, guaranteed to change your life this autumn.

Chocolate mauve hair: The latest colour trend for fall

mauve hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - chocolate mauve hair colour trend Instagram
Chocolate mauve hair colour. Credit:

Hannah, the Instagrammer behind the incredible look, posted the above picture to her account alongside the caption: “I won’t lie, I was nervous creating natural brown tones with vivids. After lots of mental glances at the colour wheel (it will answer all of your questions), I was able to mix everything you see.” Credit: @hannahthepainter

She might have been hesitant to work this daring colour combination into her tresses, but it’s definitely paid off. Come on, the result is pretty impressive. The rich hues work harmoniously together, giving tonnes of depth and definition, while not overpowering the natural brown base!

mauve hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - chocolate mauve hair colour trend Instagram
Chocolate mauve hair colour. Credit:

To get the look, a mixture of light brown, mauve and light pink hues were scattered throughout her hair, in a balayage technique – this allows the colours to melt seamlessly together in her beautifully curled mane. Bravo, Hannah, bravo! Credit: @hannahthepainter

Editor’s tip: If you’re thinking of switching up your locks to get this chocolate mauve hair colour, then bear in mind that you’ll need to switch up your hair care routine, too! Try the TRESemmé Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner (500ml, £3.69 each*) to help maintain your colour’s vibrancy.

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