Blonde & brown hair: Top tips for a smooth hair-transformation!

Bounce from blonde to brown hair, and back again, with ease!  

We know, opting to dye your hair any colour is a huge decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly – and this is especially true for those of you looking to go between blonde & brown hair colours! From choosing the right shade for your skin tone to taking care of your new hue, there are lots of things to consider before switching up your hair colour this season.

So, before you take the plunge, read our helpful pointers below and let us dazzle you with brown and blonde hair colour ideas. Trust us: with these useful tips, your colour transition will be seamless!

Brown-blonde hair: The best hair-transformation tips

Blonde to brown hair: All Things Hair - IMAGE - two girls
Blonde hair vs. brown locks

1. Find blonde and brown #hairspiration

Whether you’re a hardcore Instagram pro or an absolute Pinterest whizkid, we would always suggest looking for #hairspiration before you go from blonde to brown hair and vice versa. This will help your stylist get a much clearer idea of the colour that you want, as well as save you from any post-salon disappointment!

Remember to look for celebrities (or normal folk) that have a similar complexion to you, as we can’t all pull of every shade of blonde or brunette under the sun.

front view image of Rosie Huntington-Whitely holding an award, dressed in a white dress with long blonde brown hair
Rosie Huntington-Whitely looks amazing with blonde brown hair. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

2. Pick the perfect products

If you do decide to brave a dark or light new hue, then it’s important that you use specialist products that are formulated with coloured hair in mind.

Products that are designed for coloured hair help to keep your locks looking vibrant and glossy, and ensure that you have a winning hue. After all, no one wants that faded look!

Editor’s tip: Hair care starts in the shower and dyed tresses are no exception. We suggest using the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner to enhance your chosen hues and give it a beautiful boost of shine!

front view image of Khloe Kardashian wearing a beige hat with warm chesnut colour blonde brown hair
Experiment with warm blonde brown hair tones like Khloe Kardashian. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

3. Get ready, it might be a bit of a shock…

Try to prepare yourself mentally for the outcome of your blonde or brown hair transformation. Deviating from your natural hue for the first time can be a bit of a shock to the system, but rest assured that if done correctly, and taken all things into consideration, you’ll be left with a look that suits you to a T!

However, if you’re especially nervous about taking the plunge, you may want to consult with your hair colourist about gradually transitioning your mane from your natural colour to other tones over time.

front view image of Cara Delevingne on the runway with blonde brown hair
Mix up your blonde brown hair colour like Cara Delevingne. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

4. It doesn’t have to be one block colour

Why restrict yourself to just one colour when there is a whole spectrum of stunning shades to mix together? Give your new blonde/brown hair more depth and dimension with colouring techniques such as hand-painted balayage, classic highlights, or even some fabulous ombre effects!

Psst! Not sure if you should be rocking ombre or balayage? Then you need to brush up on both colouring techniques before you take the hair plunge.

image of Dakota Johnson with her hair worn long and dark - blonde brown hair
Dive right in and go for full on dark hues like Dakota Johnson. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

5. Dive right in

If you’re committed to going between blonde or brown hair, then we say you should embrace the hue and dive right in!

We love Dakota’s dark and sultry tresses but she has also gone from brown to blonde hair with just as much conviction! Work with your stylist to find the right shades for your skin tone and you’ll be able to pull off almost any hue.

image of Gigi Hadid with her hair in a centre parting with brown, blonde hair colour.
Keep your blonde brown hair looking sharp like Gigi Hadid. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

6. Experiment with different hairstyles

Whether you’re going from blonde to brown hair or the other way around, it’s also the ideal time to switch up your hairstyle as well, in one fell swoop!

What worked when you were a blonde might not look as good now you’ve gone darker – so instead of tousled beachy waves, why not try slicking your locks back like Gigi Hadid for an elegant, power-woman vibe? Do so and you’ll slay in no time.


12 blonde and brown hairstyles to up your mane game


Now you know all our top tips and tricks to getting the hue of your dreams, it’s time to whittle down the selection by choosing your ideal shade. Below we have 12 incredible options, one of which is sure to be for you!

side view image of a woman with warm blonde balayage hair - blonde brown hair
Rock sunkissed tresses like this warm blonde look. Credit:

1. Warm blonde

We love this lovely warm shade of blonde-brown hair that has slightly darker roots and blonder tips. This is the most natural looking sun-kissed blonde, so much so that you’ll look at though you’ve stepped right off the beach! Credit: @nancymelendez_

back view image of a woman with brown hair - blonde brown hair
We love this gorgeous shade of warm autumnal brown! Credit:

2. Autumnal hues

Take inspiration from all the natural warm browns and flecks of bright blonde that you see in Autumn and you’ll have yourself the most perfect colour! Think warm, brown to blonde hair and you’re there. Credit: @wcavalcanteoficial

back view image of a woman with sandy blonde hair - blonde brown hair
Go for subtle sandy hues. Credit:

3. Sandy hues

If you’re thinking about going from brown to blonde hair, these lovely sandy hues should be top of your list. Bright, warm and ideal for any season… we simply love this shade for year round wear. Credit: @laurareinershair

front facing image of a woman with long wavy hair - blonde brown hair
Not quite sure which hue to go for?
Rock both! Credit

4. Darker roots

When you go from brown to blonde hair, you need to consider the fact that you’ll have to spend a fair bit more time in the salon – that is unless you go for a style where darker roots are part of the look!

This is a much softer ‘ombre’, but it will still be easy to maintain if you have darker hair. Credit: @emmidsalonspa

back view image of a woman with long honey blonde hair - blonde brown hair
Try rocking warm honey hues for a pretty transitional look. Credit:

5. Honey blonde

Going from brown to blonde hair, but want to keep it looking natural? Then why not choose a lovely honey blonde shade? It’s bright and warm, and could totally pass as your own natural hair colour if your roots are light brown. Credit: @lianapiedrahair

side view image of a woman with blonde wavy hair - blonde brown hair
Take things to the lighter end of the scale with this look. Credit:

6. Bright blonde

Ready for bright blonde hair? Then this lovely shade will give you the ‘wow’ factor you’re after. Forget in-between hues and go for tones of ash blonde and platinum blonde, for totally swoon-worthy results. Credit: @haleyjokerst

side view image of a woman with chocolate brown hair in waves - blonde brown hair
This warm chocolate brown shade is a winner! Credit:

7. Chocolate brown

Transitioning from blonde to brown hair? Go for a warm chocolate brown shade, for a rich, vibrant finish. And for a truly multidimensional finish, pop in a few lighter shades of caramel. Credit: @bonbongbg

side view image of a woman with blonde brown hair
This bronde shade is great for a subtle change. Credit:

8. Bronde hair

Still on the fence about which shade to go for? Choose ‘bronde’ and you’ll have yourself the perfect shade that’s not quite brown and not quite blonde either, giving you a pretty, low maintenance finish. Credit: @shainajoycehair

side view image of a woman with an ombre bob hairstyle - blonde brown hair
Keep the roots darker and the ends lighter for a pretty look Credit:

9. The ombre

We can’t help but lust after a great ombre for it’s low maintenance appeal! If you love to wear your locks loose and wavy, the ombre will truly show off your beautiful brown to blonde hair colour to the max! Credit: @andradejonatas

back view image of a woman's with dark brown wavy hair with shades of blonde - blonde brown hair
Add in simple streaks of lighter colour for contrast.

10. Blonde highlights

Some of us like to keep our colour subtle and some want the colour to be prominent. If you fall into the latter group, then why not try highlighting your dark hair with bright blonde streaks, instead? We think it looks totally sunkissed and gorgeous! Credit: @hairbyamybee

back view of a woman with her hair in a bun with dark honey blonde hair colour - blonde brown hair
This dark honey blonde colour is a nice step into lighter hues. Credit:

11. Dark honey bronde

If you prefer your tresses on the slightly darker end of the spectrum, but you would still like to keep things warm and multi-tonal, try out this lovely shade of dark honey bronde. The base colour will be a rich brown hue, with tones of honey blonde throughout to lift the colour. Credit: @hairbybethy

side view image of a woman with long blonde hair - blonde brown hair
We love this bright blonde shade! Credit:

12. Golden blonde

Craving hair that looks like spun gold? This look is for you! Think blonde tresses that are truly radiant, light and bright. Shades of gold, cream and platinum blonde help to keep this look bright, and warm-weather ready! Credit: @theoriginalssalon


Already rocking brunette strands like a total #bosschick? Then how about trying these 5 ways to nail the brown ombre hair trend? And, for even more light and dark hair inspiration, don’t forget to check out our amazing Blonde and Brown Hair pages!

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