10 Stunning ash brown hair ideas to inspire your next look

Leona | 13 June 2017

10 stunning ash brown shades for you to discover!


If you’re asking yourself ‘which hair hue to try next?’ or ‘how can I give my current look a fresh update?’, look no further than ash brown hair.

Okay, we know that ash brown doesn’t sounds like the most exciting of hair colours, but it is, in fact, one of the hottest hues of the moment! Why, you ask? Because, once you’ve found the right shade, it can suit just about anyone – from the fairest complexions to dark skinned ladies.

Now don’t fret if you’re stuck for style inspo, because we’ve done the all the legwork to bring you a round-up of the 10 fiercest ash brown hair hues to try now. Go on, these aren’t to be missed!

10 ash brown hair colour ideas to try now


Ash brown hair on mid-length wavy hair - back view
Ash brown hair makes the perfect choice for everyone. Credit: Instagram.com/mistywind

1. All over dark ash brown

Like any new hair colour, you must first decide whether or not getting ash brown hair will work to compliment your skin tone. But that’s where we come in: after all, no one wants a hue that will wash them out!

So, if you have tanned to dark skin, give this dark ash brown shade a try. It will work to provide a brightening effect for your overall appearance, helping enhance your natural glow! Credit: @mistywind

Ash brown balayage hair with grey toned balayage finish
Give your ash brown hair a balayage twist. Credit: Instagram.com/caroliiine_k

2. Graduated medium ash brown balayage

The one key thing to know about ash brown hair, is that it works great as a starting shade for graduated colour styles, just like this medium ash brown balayage look. This would work just as well using the ombre technique, melting together numerous hues in one style! Credit: @caroliiine_k

Ash brown blend - long loose waves hair - back view
This ash brown blend looks incredible. Credit: Instagram.com/che.r.mariano

3. Ash brown blend

Transition your cool ash brown hair colour to a warmer and glossy hue, like this Instagrammer, to give your look the best of both worlds!

By blending in the warmer hue with the crisp, grey undertones, this style will work for almost all complexions – seriously, it’s a no-brainer! Credit: @che.r.mariano

Ash brown hair with highlights - bob length - side view
Give your ash brown hair some highlights for a flawless finish. Credit: Instagram.com/jeida11

4. Ash brown hair with highlights

It’s not all about full-on dye jobs, don’t you know? Sometimes even the smallest addition can make for a big style update. Take this ‘do for example: we love how this medium ash brown shade has been lightened with a full head of highlights, giving more impact and dimension to the finished look. Credit: @jeida11

Ash brown hair - long hair with long bangs
Loving your ash brown hair but want to give it an update? Add bangs. Credit: Instagram.com/smileykieu

5. Dark ash brown hue

If you have naturally very dark tresses, yet don’t want to go as far as lightening them a bright blonde hue, dark ash brown can still provide you with a much needed style update.

But if you still find your new ash brown locks a bit to ordinary, further enhance your look in an instant with some long bangs and layers, for more fluid movement. Credit: @smileykieu

Ash brown hair with smokey balayage finish - long straight hair
Smokey balayage will suit olive or tanned skin. Credit: Instagram.com/ tashabobasha83

6. Smokey balayage

Ash brown hair has a rather muted finish, which is why many ladies use the shade to balance out red tones within their hair, or as a starting point for adding further colour.

Want something that’s unique and a little mysterious? Then layer your medium ash brown with a light ash brown shade for a smokey balayage finish. This will look amazing for fair skin ladies, without washing out your complexion. Credit: @tashabobasha83

Ash brown long bob with platinum blonde balayage - back view
When ash brown meets platinum blonde the result looks amazing. Credit: Instagram.com/rubyna.kim

7. Icy ends

Torn between trying out different hair colour trends? Why choose when you can get a 3-in-1 look? Pairing a dark ash brown hue with contrasting shades of deep grey and icy, platinum blonde, you’ll create a stunning finish which looks incredible on all complexions, especially those with yellow or olive undertones. Credit: @rubyna.kim

medium ash brown hair in an ombre style
Have the best of both worlds with this silver ombre on
ash brown hair. Credit:Instagram.com/americansalon_mayu

8. Cool ombre

Ash brown hair is known for its cool tones, which makes it unique compared most other brown hair shades that are more warm. So, if you love the cool finish that you get from ash brown, make this striking ombre your next look. Credit: @americansalon_mayu

Tonal ash brown hair - long glossy hair - side view
This tonal ash brown hair is given us serious hair envy. Credit: Instagram.com/sohooc

9. Tonal ash brown

Get the most out your ash brown hair colour by subtly blending it with a colour a shade or 2 lighter. This will give your ‘do an uplifting finish and, best of all, it will suit just about everyone! Credit: @sohooc

Editor’s tip: Keep your ash brown hair looking glossy by adding a few drops of the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil, which will also tame flyaways and fight frizz.

Ash brown wavy lob - side view
This look will give you plenty of style points. Credit: Instagram.com/che.r.mariano

10. Stark contrast

If you’ve been praying to the hair gods for a style that’ll stands out, then this dark ash brown shade (with clashing violet tones) is the style for you. And to show off each of those intricate colours, we suggest opting for a set by soft wavesCredit: @che.r.mariano

Editor’s tip: As with any dyed hair look, you’ll need to switch your wash and care system to one that’s formulated especially for coloured tresses. We love the Dove Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner for it’s unique colour lock formula.


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