Bob braids: Our favourite ultra chic styles to try

 Short bob braids styles are on the rise and they're absolutely stunning!  

Have you recently cropped your natural hair into a bob or a lob? With both styles being highly sought-after looks, it’s no wonder you’ve chosen such chic and elegant ‘do. However, you may be thinking that because you’ve cut your locks short you can no longer rock braided styles, right? Think again, because bob braids are the freshest way to work your mane this season!

Having great versatility in styling, bob box braids should be every naturalistas go-to short look, working just as well as their long-length cousin. But if you’re yet to be convinced to try the look, our pick of the best short box braid hairstyles are sure to do trick! So, just keep scrolling for all the style ideas for bob braids you’ll ever need.

Bob braids: Short styling ideas for natural hair

Ultra chic ideas for bob braids.
We love Lola’s ultra chic bob braids. Credit:

Chic bob box braids

To kick things off, we thought we’d share a classic take on the look. These short bob cut box braids are elegant, effortlessly chic and work perfectly for school or the workplace!

With the top-half swept back from the face, these short braids are hassle free and really help to give you a bright and open appearance! Those with heart-shaped faces should really pay attention to this one. Credit: @africanremy

Update your bob braids with a fun ombre look.
Ombre bob braids are a perfect way to update your ‘do. Credit:

Play with colour

Who said bob box braids have to be one colour? We didn’t, that’s for sure. To really make your braids pop, we suggest experimenting with a contrasting colour, just like this Instagrammer’s icy hue! And while box braids look good in all shades, we think this ombre style looks especially fabulous in shoulder-length hair. Credit: @braidsnation

short box braid hairstyles in top knot style
Style your bob braids in this easy half-up-half-down top knot style. Credit:

Top knots

Top knots are one of those styles that never goes out of fashion. They’re great at keeping stray hairs away from the face, and can instantly give your look and interesting twist. From on-trend half-up-half-down hairstyles to space buns (or even a ninja bun), styling your bob box braids in various top knots couldn’t be easier. Credit: @crystalotv

short bob cut with box braids with accessories
Jazz up your box braids with accessories. Credit:


With so many ideas for bob braids floating around, it can be difficult to pick just one – which is why we love this dual action style! Now, if your braids are longer than bob length, and want to create the illusion of short bob cut box braids, why not create a faux bob by working your braids into a high ponytail?

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to bling out your box braids by adding jewellery to a few strands. Choose from beads, cuffs, ribbon or rings and get creative with your look. Credit: @braidsnation

Bob box braids teamed with wide brimmed hat.
Jazz up you bob braids with a wide brim hat. Credit:


So, we’ve covered jazzing up your bob box braids with a little bling, rocking a top knot and playing with different hues. Now we bring you the simplest of ideas for bob braids – accessorising.

Missed your alarm and now rushing out the door without any time to style your hair? We feel you. Make like this Instagrammer and reach for a wide-brimmed hat to elevate your look from the everyday norm to super stylish fashionista. Credit: @ronkeraji





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