How to Do a Waterfall Braid at Home

A waterfall braid is a romantic half-up half-down hairstyle created in a similar way to a traditional French braid, only sections of the hair are dropped to create an intricate waterfall effect.

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Blonde with a short wavy bob in a waterfall braid



Hair accessories are huge right now but what if we told you there was a way you could make your hair the accessory? A popular bridesmaid and prom hairstyle, the waterfall braid adds detail to the top of your head, making it a great option for those with flat or fine hair looking to add some volume.

Love the style but not sure exactly how to do a waterfall braid on yourself? We’ve joint forces with influencer Laura Byrnes from Laura’s Little Locket to create this easy, step-by-step waterfall plait how-to to finally help you master this pretty braid for yourself.

Hit play on the video above to watch or read on for more detail and styling tips to get the look.


Apply texturising spray.

Before you start creating your waterfall braid, apply the VO5 Dry Texturising Spray to your tresses.

This will give your hair a little grip and make creating your braid easier. It’s also the perfect product for reviving your hair before you start dry-styling.

Woman with short blonde wavy hair spraying texturising spray in her hair

Start your waterfall braid.

To start your waterfall hairstyle, take 1-2 inches of hair from close to your parting and divide it into 3 equal sections.

Begin weaving your braid across the back of your crown by crossing the section of hair nearer to the top of your head over the middle section. Then cross the bottom section over the (new) middle section.

Now, these next steps are the most important: pick up a new top section, cross over the middle section and then drop it. After crossing the bottom section over your dropped section, begin the weaving process again, working your way to the back of your head. Then secure with a hair tie.

Blonde woman braiding her short hair

Repeat on the other side.

Repeat all of step 3 again on the opposite side of your head to create a half-up half-down look.


Blonde woman braiding her wavy bob length hair into a waterfall braid

Secure your waterfall braid.

Join the two braids together with another hairband, before removing the two individual hairbands.

#HairHack: Make your braid stand out and give it texture by applying the Toni&Guy Root Lift Sculpting Powder. Then gently work the powder into your braid.

Woman with a wavy bob in a waterfall braid hairstyle applying root booster powder

Spray hairspray.

To finish this waterfall braid tutorial, complete your ‘do with a spritz of the TRESemmé Ultimate Shine Hold Hairspray to fix it in place.

Woman with short bob length wavy blonde hair in a waterfall braid style spraying her hair with hairspray

Final look.

And just like that, your waterfall braid is complete! Now you know how to waterfall braid like a total pro, check out more of our favourite waterfall hairstyle looks for more styling inspiration. While it makes for a great formal or party look, there’s nothing stopping you from rocking it every day if you want to!

Woman with bob length wavy blonde hair in a waterfall braid hairstyle


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