The twist braid: Upgrade your look in an instant

Had your eye on all the twist braid styles from social media? Tempted to make the twist braid your go-to look for the season ahead? Then you're in the right place...  

Everyday we’re on the hunt for fresh and exciting ways to work our strands. And when we’re in desperate need of a quick style fix, we often turn to braids to up our mane game, since they come in so many shapes and sizes! But what happens when we get bored of our plaited locks? Well, that’s when a twist braid becomes our hair saviour…

Whether you have straight, wavy, or already woven strands, twist braids can be incorporated into your look to give it an added touch of interest and elegance. And what’s more, twist braid styles are super easy to create, saving you precious time in the mornings! Now scroll down to unpack the 6 ways you can update your ‘do with this fabulous styling technique.

Twist braid hairstyles: 6 looks to try


twist braid hairstyles: twist braids and box braids go hand in hand
How to do a twist braid in natural hair.

1. Twisted box braid half-updo

Want to know how to do twist braids but currently rocking a set of chunky box braids? Then it’s your lucky day, because twist styles happen to look great with other bold braids, and are sure to become your new hair BFF!

To recreate the ‘do above, twist the braids on your top section of hair into a super high, spiralled bun. You can twist and mold your strands in any way that you wish, creating a unique style just for you! Then, either use a hairband or jumbo hair pins to lock your look in place.

twist braid styles: a twisted low bun is one of the easiest braid twist styles
Twist braid styles: The twist braid low bun.

2. Low braid twist

Can’t decide on a hair look for an upcoming event? Well, if you need a look that has an elegant and refined finish, turn to this low braid twist updo, that’s ideal for weddings and other formal affairs.

The best thing about this red carpet-worthy look, is that it requires nothing more than a traditional 3-strand plait! Once woven, simple coil the braid into a low bun at the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins. To finish, use a few pumps of the Dove Regenerate Nourishment Serum-In-Oil to help tame flyaways and add shine.

twist braids: how to do twist braids with space buns
Twist braids: Crochet braid space buns. Credit:

3. Crochet twist braid buns

Added some crochet braids into your natural mane recently? Then you probably already know how to do a twist braid. But if you’re searching for a way to add a rave-ready edge to your look, what better style to rock than some space buns?

Learning how to do a twist braid with buns couldn’t be simpler, not to mention being the ideal base for adding some glitz and glam to your mane! Just take a look at our round-up of space bun hairstyles for festival season, here. Credit: @voiceofhair

twist braid: how to do a twist braid in long wavy hair
Twist braid: The flower braid half-updo.

4. Flower half-updo

Wondering how to do twist braids in your long, wavy mane? Well it couldn’t be simpler – just work your strands into a flower half-updo, and rest assured that you’ll have a spring/summer appropriate ‘do in an instant.

As twist braid hairstyles go, you may think that this look is rather complex to create, right? Wrong. In fact, this delicate ‘do can be achieved in 6 steps with our how-to guide, right here!

how to do a twist braid: twist braids styles make for great updos
How to do twist braids with an updo. Credit:

5. Senegalese twist updo

The Senegalese twist is a favourite style for naturalistas the world over who don’t want to tightly braid their manes. But instead of just wearing your twist braids down, work your lengthy weave into an jumbo updo.

And rather than working top knot, twist your twists while creating your updo to make every strand pop! Credit: @luscioushairbraiding

how to do twist braids: a double fishtail twist bun
Twist braid hairstyles: The twisted fishtail updo. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

6. Twisted Fishtail Braid

What do we love more than one fishtail plait? Two fishtail plaits, of course! And by turning these intricate-looking plaits into twist braids, you’ll have an unbeatable style combo.

To get the look, divide your hair in half down the centre and create 2 ponytails. Weave fishtail plaits all the way to the ends, then twist both braids into one to create a chunky bun. Pin your bun in place and set the look with some TIGI Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray for hold and to enhance shine.


Loved all these twist braid hairstyles and now want to discover even more stunning looks? Then you need the help of our Braids page, were you can find other twist styles to try, as well as a wealth of other woven ‘dos!

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