Stunning yarn braid hairstyles from Instagram you have to see

Tempted to give yarn braids a try? Here's some stunning yarn braid hairstyles from Instagram to inspire your next look!  

Spending about 90 percent of our time hunting for the freshest styles around, we noticed that one look in particular has been growing in popularity. What, you ask? Yarn braid hairstyles, that’s what! As the name suggests, these woven styles are made out of yarn, making a great alternative to synthetic hair types.

Just like other types of hair extensions, the material can be woven to form various yarn braid styles, yarn twists, and even yarn locs! And with each of these looks being pretty, protective and effortlessly stylish, you can rest assured that hairstyles with yarn braids will score you major style points. So, to discover all the yarn braid inspo you could possible need, keep reading…

6 yarn braid hairstyles from Instagram we’re loving


short yarn braid styles: thebaydian girl with short twisted yarn braids
Short yarn twists. Credit:

1. Short yarn braids

Mark our words: short hairstyles are back – and in a really big way! So it should come as no surprise to learn that short yarn braids styles are also trending. And this trendsetter’s hair is the perfect example: we love how her short purple yarn twists have been swept to the side, showing off her stunning oval face shape. Credit: @thebaydiangirl

woman with yarn locs in a low ponytail
Low yarn braid ponytail. Credit:

2.  Low ponytail

Tired of wearing your ponytail high? Then it’s time to take things down a notch and wear your pony low. This elegant and timeless look is great for lazy girls who secretly love to look put together! And if you thought hairstyles with yarn braids couldn’t be worn in a classy manner, the picture above will convince you otherwise. Credit: @temalageni

woman with yarn braids styled into a quiff hairstyle
The yarn braid pomp. Credit:

3. The vintage yarn braid updo

Are you a sucker for all things vintage? Great! Then you’ll be happy to know that yarn twists can be easily fashioned into a tonne of retro-chic looks, since they’re super light weight. Credit: @jacyjuly

If you want to indulge yourself in more retro hairstyles for your au naturel strands, you need to watch Mini Marley create her 1930s curly updo, here!

hairstyles with yarn braids: woman with undercut and braided crown
Yarn braid hairstyle with undercut. Credit:

4. Fauxhawk hairstyle with undercut

If you’re looking for yarn braid styles to elevate your mane game, say hello to your new BFF: the yarn braided mohawk. Looking as cool as it sounds, this ‘do takes edgy to a whole new level, with both sides featuring a sharp undercut. Credit: @africancreature

But if an undercut still isn’t cool enough for you, how about taking inspiration from the above Instagrammer and choosing yarn braids of multiple colours, for the ultimate woven hairstyle?

woman wearing yarn locs with hair jewels
Yarn braids look amazing with accessories. Credit:

5. Yarn dreadlocks

Love the look of dreadlocks but don’t fancy going through an extensive process to get them? Then you need to consider trying yarn locs!

With yarn loc extensions, hair is palm rolled, and instead of adding additional hair to your mane, strands are wrapped with yarn. We particularly love how this mega-babe has accessorised her yarn locs with some twisted hair jewellery! Quite the stunning look, no? Credit: @tiffanyslocjewels

when it comes to colourful hairstyles with yarn braids,Instagram star studiomucci is great example of how to do it well.
Colourful yarn braids. Credit:

6. Colourful yarn braids

When it comes to colourful hairstyles with yarn braids, this fashionista’s mane is certainly one to be inspired by. Opt for one solid tone or play around with a blend of different hues, and you’ll soon have a head full of brilliantly coloured strands! Credit: @studiomucci


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