7 eye-catching single box braids that will stop you in your tracks

Uncover 7 cool and quirky ways to style your individual box braids!  

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that single box braids have been reigning supreme over the last few years. And with all our favourite celebrities (from Alicia Keys to Nicki Minaj) wearing the style, what’s stopping you from giving individual box braids a whirl?

Now we can tell some of you are feeling reserved about this style, so we’re here to dispel those doubts. We’ve scouted Instagram for the most showstopping styles that will make those long hours sitting in the stylist’s chair totally worth it.

Single box braids as you have never seen them before


front view of girl with rainbow coloured box braids in high ponytail braid covering her face
Stand out from the crown with these vibrant rainbow braids. Credit: Instagram.com/palomabarbiezinha

1. Rainbow braids

If you are looking for fun ways to spruce up your individual box braids, look no further than this rainbow braided updo. These vibrant braids will make make you an instant Instagram sensation and have you standing out from the crowd in a pinch.

Psst! We love the rainbow earrings as a finishing touch, kudos to you girl! Credit: @palomabarbiezinha

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front view of girl with blonde chunky box braids sitting against white backdrop
This single box braids style oozes boho vibes. Credit: Instagram.com/micchekk12

2. Blonde boho braids

Rainbow braids a bit too bold for your taste but still want to play around with a fresh new colour? Then you’ll be pleased to know that individual box braids are super versatile, enabling you to play around with different size braids and a multitude of hues.

We particularly love these blonde box braids, as they give a laid back bohemian vibe that even Zoe Kravtiz would admire. Credit: @micchekk12

front view of girl with blonde and pink box braids against pink backdrop
Pretty pastel hues look great on single box braids. Credit: Instagram.com/palomabarbiezinha

3. Two-tone pastel braids

The best thing about single box braids is that you can try a new colour trend without causing any damage to your natural hair. So why not hop on board the pastel hair trend with this pretty two-toned style?

We love how this Instagrammer has teamed blonde and pink braids together for an individualistic finish, which has us dreaming about strawberry and vanilla ice cream (yum!). Credit: @palomabarbiezinha

selfie of girl with long bob length black box braids with rope hair accessory
We love how this Instagrammer upgraded her braids with some cute hair accessories. Credit: Instagram.com/tarnde

4. Long bob braids

From Rapunzel-length braids to the It-cut of the year, the long bob, there are no limits on how you decide to wear your single box braids.

This Instagrammer keeps her braids in a chic lob finish but gives the look a personal touch by wrapping bright white rope around a number of the braids. Credit: @tarnde

selfie of girl with black box braids with bright pink ombre finish
Upgrade your box braids with an ombre finish. Credit: instagran.com/bestbraidinghair

5. Bold ombre

Are you someone who gets bored with your hair quite quickly? Then we think an ombre style will be right up your street.

We adore how this Instagrammer teamed her black box braids with a bold pink hue — a look which can work all year round. Credit: @bestbradinghair

selfie of girl with black and white box braids
Monochrome vibes. Credit: instagram.com/elenitekeste

6. Monochrome balayage

Sometimes looking for hair inspiration can be as simple as black and white (or grey in this matter). We all know grey hair colours have been hugely popular as of late, so embrace the trend by emulating this grey balayage finish. Credit: @elenitekeste

back view of girl with long black box braids that are chunky at the top and slim at the bottom
Now, this is not a style we see every day? Credit: Instagram.com/braid.boss

7. Bold to skinny braids

There we were fervently digging through social media, only to unearth this gem of a hairstyle. Starting off chunky at the top, the braid then tapers off to a slim braided finish — and we have to say, we love the rarity of the look.

This Instagrammer also earned extra styling points by adding a range of accessories to each of her individual box braids! Credit: @braid.boss

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