Braiding how-to: Make a side Dutch braid in 6 easy steps

Get inspired by this side Dutch braid hair tutorial.

A side Dutch braid uses the same reverse braiding method as a regular Dutch braid, just worn parted to the side. A great style for every day, it’s a cute but casual way to style medium to long hair whether you’re working out, running errands or just hanging out with friends.

If you’re already a fan of the regular Dutch braid and want to try a new variation or you’re a first-time braider, create this versatile hairstyle by following these steps.


Apply volumising spray.

Start your side Dutch braid by brushing your hair through to get rid of any tangles. Then, if you have fine hair or soft, just-washed hair, apply a volumising product like the TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen For A Day Thickening Spray to give your braid more texture.



Divide hair into 3.

Next, bring all of your hair over to one side of your head and use a comb (or your fingers) to create a side parting. Then, taking a small section of hair from near your hairline, divide this into 3 equal sections.

Start braiding, but unlike a regular braid where you’d cross the strands over the center section, instead, cross them underneath.


Add more hair as you braid.

After you’ve crossed the first sections under, repeat the step above but add in more hair from the side and add it into the section you’re bringing into the middle.

Continue these steps until you reach the nape of your neck.


Switch to a standard braid.

Once you reach your neck and no longer have any more hair to add in, braid the remaining hair with a regular 3-strand braid until you reach the ends. Secure with a hair tie.


Pancake your braid.

We think this Dutch side braid looks even cooler if it’s slightly messy, so ‘pancake’ your braid by gently pulling the strands from either side to make it look fuller and less perfect. 

Styling tip: If you have layers, take some bobby pins and use them to secure any loose hair that’s fallen out. 


Final look.

Finally, set your side Dutch braid with an allover spritz of the VO5 Invisible Firm Hold Hairspray so that it’s secure. Then all that’s left to do is go out and wow your friends with your sensational braiding skills!