Red braids: 8 fiery hairstyles that’ll make your hair look lit

Turn up the heat with these flaming hot red braids!

Bored of standard box braids? We all get stuck in a hair rut from time to time, but luckily for you we’ve got just the thing to help you fall in love with your locks once more… red braids!

Red braids are a great way to experiment with colour while also protecting your real hair at the same time. Whether it’s a bold pillar box red you’re after or a subtler cherry cola hue, the possibilities are endless — as are the styling opportunities.

Still not convinced? Then take a look at these 8 flaming hot styles and prepare to be shocked, awed and inspired all at the same time.

Red braids: 8 red hot looks to try the next time you hit the salon


woman with red box braid hair in a braided hairstyle
Braided braids, who knew eh?! Credit:

1. Braided braids

Love the idea of getting red braids but need to make sure the style you choose is actually wearable? Unlike bolder, brighter shades, this red wine hue strikes just the perfect balance between playful and professional!

But the colour is just half the beauty of this look; as by working it into a chic side braid, you’ll be able to transforms it into the ideal office style — what’s not to love? Credit: @manushka_hair

back view of a woman with braided hair with pops of red
Inject some colour into your look with a few coloured braids throughout your hair. Credit:

2. Colour pop braids

Sometimes less is more. And when it comes to red braids, this is especially true! So instead of having a whole head of red braids, why not just dot red braids throughout your mane? The colour contrast will create a striking combo and make your red braids pop even more!

Psst: You could also try playing around with dip-dye and ombre variations, too, for a more graduated effect. Credit:

woman with ultra long red braided hair
Take your braids to ultra long lengths! Credit:

3. Rapunzel braids

We’ve seen stars like Kim K-W and Nicki Minaj sporting ultra-long tresses on the red carpet lately, so why not live out your own Rapunzel dreams with super long red braids?

Sure to turn heads, this sassy and stylish ‘do is a real statement maker, so you never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd! Credit: @joziamusic

woman with shoulder length red box braids
Join the bob brigade with this chic shoulder-length style. Credit:

4. Bob braids

It’s safe to say the bob trend isn’t showing any signs of phasing out any time soon, so these shoulder-length braids are bang on trend.

Short enough that you don’t have to worry about them weighing you down yet long enough that your styling options aren’t compromised, this colourful style is super chic and flattering. Credit: @queenoyinkan

Editor’s tip: Braids are a great low-maintenance hairstyle but you still need to remember to care for your strands. Make sure to mist them regularly with a moisturising leave-in conditioner, such as the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist, to keep them looking hydrated and healthy.

selfie of a woman with red cornrow braided hair
Can’t decide which style to try? Keep it classic with cornrows. Credit:

5. Cornrows

If you don’t want to undergo the timely process of getting box braids, cornrows are on hand to give you the trend with speed.

Much quicker to do, the end result looks just as fabulous but means you don’t have to spend all day trapped in the salon chair. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Credit: @obiaku_twin

photo of a woman at the pool in a blue swimming costume with red box braids in space buns
Red braids and space buns make for a hair duo that’s simply out of this world! Credit:

6. Space buns

Space buns are one of the biggest festival hair trends to emerge this year but we bet you didn’t know how amazing they looked on red braids, did you?

As you can see from the photo above, long box braids are easy to work into whatever hairstyles you like and the deep cherry hue only adds to the poppy, summertime vibes. Credit: @mad.kruss

car selfie of a woman with long red twist braids
Do the twist! Credit:

7. Twists

If box braids aren’t your cup of tea, you can always play around with other, equally badass braiding styles, like twists. We’re obsessed with this Instagrammer’s neat marley twists and love that they give a totally different result to standard box braids.

Twists aren’t a one-size-for-all style either: you could try chunky jumbo braids, teeny tiny micro braids or even tree braids, the choice is yours! Credit: @beautybytaaliba

woman in a swimming pool with her red braided hair in a high side ponytail style
Channel your inner ’80s baby with a cutesy high pony. Credit:

8. Side pony

A-listers like Ariana Grande are big fans of the high pony, so why not rock the look with an added ’80s twist with this adorable side ponytail style?

Ideal for working out at the gym, a tidy style for school or work (or just about any occasion you can think of), it’s the perfect way to flaunt your red braids. Credit: @shrellelondon


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